Apple Watch allows you to rearrange and adjust the order of the various Control Center toggles to your liking

With watchOS 5, Apple Watch owners can finally rearrange the Control Center toggles to their liking. Last year, iOS 11 treated iPhone users to a customizable Control Center. But unlike iOS, watchOS 5 lets you reorder the toggles so this is a major win for the Apple wearable.


  • Control Center features an Edit button at the bottom of the list.
  • The order of the toggles can be rearranged to your liking.
  • Put oft-used toggles at the top to make Control Center your own.
  • This feature requires the watchOS 5 software or newer.

Let’s get to it.

How to rearrange Control Center toggles

To adjust the order of the various Control Center toggles so they suit your needs, do the following on your Apple WATch with the watch OS 5 software or newer:

1) Swipe up from the bottom of your watch face to invoke Control Center (in case you didn’t know this, watchOS 5 also lets you access Control and Notification Center from inside apps).

2) Scroll down and tap the Edit button.

3) When the icons start wriggling like they’re dancing, rearrange them by way of dragging.The Edit button at the bottom of the Control Center overlay in watchOS 5

4) Tap Done to save the changes.

And voilà, say hello to your newly personalized Control Center!

Keep in mind that you cannot do this through the companion Watch app on your iPhone.

How’s this useful?

The layout of the Control Center toggles varies from one Apple Watch model to another.

As an example, the original Apple Watch doesn’t have the Expel Water toggle. Similarly, LTE-enabled watches feature a Cellular toggle in their Control Center that doesn’t show up on non-LTE models. Different people have different needs so making watchOS’s Control Center your own is contingent upon your daily usage patterns.

If you happen to own an LTE-enabled watch but don’t use LTE connectivity much, you may want to drag that Cellular toggle down the list to make room for a more frequently-used item.

Frequent moviegoers, on the other hand, might want to move the Theater Mode toggle higher than the Expel Water button for quick access.

Conversely, those who rarely use Theater Mode may reorganize their Control Center so that their most frequently-used toggles, like Do Not Disturb or Battery, are found at the very top of the Control Center overlay.

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