Learning a new language is something that countless people dream of, yet most of those people also give up on their dream far too soon. This is unfortunate, since learning a new language has been proven to enhance cognitive ability and reinforce a number of related learning patterns in the brain.

Rosetta Stone is the undisputed world leader in language education, and right now subscriptions are on sale for just $109.99 with coupon code: ROSETTA10.

Whether you’re interested in learning Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, or a number of other fascinating languages, Rosetta Stone will get you to where you want to be through its intuitive and immersive curriculum. You’ll start by matching words with images, just like when you learned your native language as a child, before moving on to interactive lessons that teach you how to speak like a local.

Find out for yourself why the Wall Street Journal said that using Rosetta Stone is the “next best thing to living in a country.” 12-month subscriptions are available for just $109.99—over 30% off their regular price with coupon code: ROSETTA10.

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