We’re surrounded by stunningly gorgeous colors, many of which we want to replicate when it comes time to paint the house, design a website, or buy a car. Unfortunately, the human eye isn’t equipped to detect the important nuances of most colors. That’s where the Nix Mini Color Sensor comes in. This game-changing device brilliantly matches colors in nature with a brand-name paint or digital RGB color tone, so you don’t have to guess which one is closest. And right now, the Nix Mini Color Sensor is on sale for just $69.

This portable device scans any surface (such as a painted wall, fabric, or even a fruit) and immediately directs you to a color match with leading paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and Farrow & Ball. If you’re working on a digital project, you’ll be able to match with RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors as well. The Nix Mini Color Sensor even lets you organize your various color schemes and share matches with customers, colleagues, or friends.

Take the guesswork out of color matching with the Nix Mini Color Sensor—on sale for 30% off at just $69.

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