If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to lock your luggage. The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock puts traditional locks to shame by fully integrating with your smartphone and offering a slew of other features like location tracking and access history—all for just $54.99.

You’ll never have to carry around an easy-to-lose padlock key again. The AirBolt’s companion app lets you unlock the device with a single click from your smartphone, track your luggage (and receive a notification if it’s removed from a designated location without your permission), and even send a “ping” tone to your bag for easier tracking in crowded places. There’s also an individual backup button access code, which lets you unlock your bag even if you don’t have your smartphone close by.

Ditch the hefty padlocks and obnoxious combinations. The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock is available for over 30% off at just $54.99.

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