Your Mac puts up with a lot of abuse. The constant onslaught of new apps, hidden cache files, and system updates means that there’s a large amount of trash left behind on your hard drive that needs to be periodically cleaned out. Drive Genius 5 quickly and efficiently carries out this important task along with many others, and right now it’s on sale for just $39.

Think of Drive Genius 5 as your brilliant personal assistant who knows where all of the most useless and detrimental files on your Mac are hiding. It automatically detects junk files, malware, and redundancies and immediately eradicates them so your Mac can run faster. You’ll even be able to measure the performance of your drive and check for hardware-related problems that may be slowing your Mac down.

Find out for yourself why Drive Genius 5 is considered by experts to be the best go-to Apple de-frag tool on the market. A standard license is currently available for 60% off its usual price at just $39.

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