If you’re like most users online, you have multiple web accounts with each requiring a slightly different password. Remembering each of these passwords can be a nightmare, and writing them down is a dangerous alternative. Dashlane Password Manager eliminates this problem by letting you effortlessly and securely autofill all of your passwords online, and premium subscriptions start at just $19.98.

With Dashlane Password Manager, you get access to both an incredibly secure and accurate autofill solution as well as an instant password generator and changer—meaning practically everything you need to safeguard yourself online is ultra-secure and accessible at all times.

You’ll be able to automatically log into all of your accounts with passwords that are protected with military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication. You can generate unique passwords with a single click, securely store and autofill payment information for instant checkout, and much more.

End the password headaches once and for all with a premium subscription to Dashlane Password Manager—starting at just $19.98, 50% off its usual price.

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