Signing older firmware versions

Earlier today, Apple accidentally started signing older firmware versions of iOS, effectively letting people downgrade their devices at will. This was just a temporary hiccup as merely an hour later, Apple closed the signing of all these older iOS versions again.

Yet some readers have been able to downgrade their devices, and we would like to hear your stories.

Were you able to downgrade your iPhone or iPad?

If so, to what version of iOS did you downgrade to, and what are your intentions going forward?

Please share your experience with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

  • Shasirax

    I missed the window with about 10 minutes. So sad… Guess my i6 will stay on 11.2.2 then.

    Luckily my i7 is on 11.1.2 so I got that going for me, which is nice.

  • Leonard Wong

    I did! Downgraded my iPhone 7 to iOS 10.3
    Had to do it to stop Apple messing my CPU lol

    • ChrisLinke

      This!!!! How effing good is it for i7 users?! I’m not one, but I felt sorry for you guys!

      • Leonard Wong

        yeah, the throttle was bad. Had to experience it to know why people are fed up with it

      • Ben

        10.2 would have fixed your issue but it’s way too late now.

      • Leonard Wong

        no. iPhone 7 are affected from iOS 11.2

      • Ben

        Yes 10.3 seems like your best bet. So did 11.2 really throttle your iPhone 7 down a lot. Also I would stay at 10.3 as there always may be a jailbreak.

      • Leonard Wong

        30-40% reduction. You can feel it

      • Ben

        Damn that hurts a lot. My friends iPhone 6s is also on it’s last leg and therefore I’m replacing the battery for him.

      • Leonard Wong

        yeah, I had replaced my battery and even did a clean setup and it still slow down by at least 20%
        Glad I can downgrade. Downside is that some apps already drops iOS 10 support

      • burge

        That’s funny because my old i7 on iOS 11.2 is just fine. ( original battery)

      • Alim

        im on 10.2 on iphone 6s. Should i jailbreak with yalu? or wait for a unthethered jb or anything better than yalu to come out?

      • Alim

        i missed the update window to ios 10.3 so i could be a little higher :/

    • Messing up your CPU by what? Throttling? The throttling was included since iOS10.2.1

      If that is the problem you want to solve, iOS10.3 will not make a difference.

      • Leonard Wong

        iPhone 7 are affected from iOS 11.2

  • Ben Nash

    Missed my chance due a fkn slow internet in oz

  • Aviorrok

    Missed my change to downgrade my iPhone 5 to iOS 6

  • gguyu

    yeah, I had replaced my battery and even did a clean setup and it still slow down by at least 20%Glad I can downgrade. Downside is that some apps already drops iOS 10 support

  • Pannagesh Malavally Chandrashe

    I was however able to save SHSH on iPhone 6s for iOS 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.3 and rest as usual.

  • Chris Angel

    Good I gave up iPhone months ago. No more waiting for jailbreaks and making my phone slow with updates.

  • burge

    So in other words get a new battery as that is the reason your having issues.

  • Vinnie Bones

    I’m on 8 and X.. don’t think it’d make any dif for me.

  • Ronny Llerena

    NOT only is ios 11 JUNK, but it’s getting worse every time we update. They should just let all that want to use the ios version we want downgrade at will. But they are Jerks. What they are actually saying is that EVERY version like for ex. ios 10.3.3, wasn’t any good so they updated to ios 11. Isn’t that kind of STUPID on their part? Soon they’ll say ios 11 is no good so we have to update to ios 12. Are we really that stupid?

  • Amir Fo

    I’m on ios 10.1.1 ip7 and jailbroken. Can i use my blobs and upgrade to ios 11.1.2 or 10.3.3 with Prometheus and such?

  • Rahimo

    You are the luckiest ?? Congrats

    • Edward Crabtree

      Maybe not too lucky as I was unable to activate because I forgot to save the activation ticket from 10.3.3. I did get to save blobs for it though.

  • Up Stream

    I so want iOS 10 or even 9
    I would run iOS 1 if I could – it would be so fast (I know all the problems with that)