Available for under a hundred bucks, the new Canary View is an affordable home security camera that has many of the features found in the pricier Canary All-In-One range.

It will also include Canary’s upcoming AI-powered security features and Amazon Alexa support, but no Apple HomeKit integration. Unveiled at CES 2018, this new home security camera from Canary is able to capture 1080p video with a wide 147-degree field of view.

If you compare it to the pricier All-In-One, the features and appearance are largely the same, minus the built-in alarm and air quality sensors. Alexa users will be able to ask Amazon’s smart assistant to view the camera on their Echo Spot, Echo Show or Fire TV device, which is nice.

Canary has also been teasing users with the release of their new AI and machine learning technologies to better identify people and packages and reduce false alarms.

Currently, Canary lets you tag the motion in your home based on the content (Is it your pet? Or an intruder?). They’ve worked hard to determine what the motion is before they alert you, so you can get custom alerts saying that a person is home or that a package was delivered.

The new Canary View is available to purchase starting today.

While Canary was quick to announce they were bringing HomeKit support to their lineup of cameras, they’ve since remained silent. Now that HomeKit support is easier to implement, Canary will hopefully add HomeKit support to their lineup sooner rather than later.

If you are dead-set on having a HomeKit equipped security camera, we were pleased with both D-Link’s Omna 180 and Logitech’s Circle 2. Interestingly, these are currently the only two HomeKit-outfitted home security cameras on the market.

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  • Jon

    Still way too expensive. You can get pretty good non-Homekit wifi cameras on amazon for half that these days; around $50 with 7-14 days of storage included (not another $99 for a year).

    The few Homekit ones available (Logitech and D-link) are ridiculously overpriced at $150-200. Somehow you can get a digital thermostat cheaper than a camera; likely because of competition (over a dozen vs 2).

    Show me a sub $100 homekit camera and I’ll be impressed

  • malhal

    HomeKit cameras aren’t all that they are cracked up to be. Sure you get a quick preview in the home app and can use for motion detection (although not light detection) but multiple users can’t view at the same time and there is no way to view the local stream on a Mac like all cheap IP cans can do. They require round trip to Logitech’s server which adds an unnecessary 30 second lag.

    • Andrew O’Hara

      I disagree. I very much like my HomeKit equipped cameras compared to my non-HomeKit ones. Other than the fact you can view it in the HomeKit app, there are a host of other benefits. For instance, I have my circle two watching my cars and patio. If it detects motion at night, it turns on my patio lights. Good for us getting home late, and prevents burglaries that have happened lately. HomeKit motion sensors will run you $50-$99 and any HomeKit camera will give you a HomeKit motion sensor included. That is pretty beneficial, even if you don’t use the Home app for actually viewing your camera.