I tend to be moving around quite a bit. Traveling for work, visiting family, or just exploring. This means I inevitably have a whole host of gear that constantly needs power. We’ve covered our fair share of cables, and batteries.

I’ve always seemed to have two qualms with cables. On one hand, they can be far too long. If I am charging on the go, they are in my pocket, or my bag and I don’t need a huge cable getting in the way. The rugged ones are even more difficult to manage. That is why I used Alto’s mini leather and wood cables for a while.

Then on the other hand, I needed multiple cables. My phone used one, with my GoPro another. Even my headphones used to use a third type.

To solve this, I used Nomad’s Universal Cable that was a Micro USB cable, with two tips; one for Lightning, the other USB-C.

Till now, I hadn’t really found a cable that combined those two qualities. That is, until Nomad released their Mini Universal Cable.

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This 12″ cable has the same tips as the larger Universal Cable, but in a tiny size. Making a great companion for hiking, travel, or even just a night at the bars.

It is super rugged and durable so you never have to worry about it getting damaged.

I’ve pretty much been in love with this cable since I’ve been using it. I’m not the only one either, it seems to have been constantly sold out on Nomad’s website since it was released.

There is only one minor complaint I’ve had with the cable, and to be fair, it isn’t Nomad’s fault.

You see, the issue lies with the fact that Apple prevents manufacturers from creating USB-C Lightning cables (or adapters). If you find one online, these are not certified by Apple in any way.

In my ideal world, this cable would be a USB-C cable, with tips for Lightning and Micro-USB. That way I could actually plug it into my MacBook, any of my USB-C batteries, or my plethora of USB-C chargers.

Word on the street is Apple is planning to loosen this restriction in the future, and hopefully we will see that sometime this year.

The cable pairs well with Nomad’s other portable gear, such as their rugged battery pack that also has a Tile Bluetooth tracker built in.

If you are looking for a great, and compact, cable that will charge almost all you gear, Nomad’s Mini Universal Cable is just that. You can pick it up from their site for $29.95. It may be on the pricier side, but considering it eliminates 2 other cables, it is well worth it.

Let me know what you think, down in the comments.

  • David Pomerleau

    No mention in reviews of being able to charge a Nintendo Switch w the USB-C adaptor. Anyone know if this will work?

    • Andrew O’Hara

      So, my gut instinct was no. Because it is just a micro-USB cable, and not a full USB-C cable, it doesn’t support USB-C Power Delivery.
      BUT, because I didn’t want to give you a half baked answer, I ran out and bought a Switch to test it out. (Ok, fine, I already had the Switch).
      I plugged it in and used Apple’s 12W power brick from the iPad and yes, it was able to charge the Switch.
      However, it still does not support USB-C PD, which means it will charge much slower than if you used an actual USB-C cable.
      Hope this helps!

      • Jake Whitaker

        Thanks for testing for us Andrew, something I wondered after your initial video last week.

      • Andrew O’Hara

        Glad I could answer it! As popular as the Switch is, it is probably something I should have included, but it skipped my mind. Opting to include the GoPro instead.

      • David Pomerleau

        Haha. Thank you! This is definitely the cable for me then!