Avid jailbreakers are somewhat spoilt this Christmas. Having had an end-of-life iOS 10 32-bit tool by tihmstar, and an iOS 11 tool too, the gifts just keep on coming. The Apple TV 4 and 4K have been brought into the fold, with a tvOS counterpart to Jonathan Levin’s LiberiOS, called LiberTV.

Apple TV 4 users may remember this tool, as its tvOS 10 incarnation was the last jailbreak for the Apple TV we saw. It’s back, and better than ever, now supporting tvOS 11 firmwares up to and including tvOS 11.1. Firmwares higher than that are not susceptible to the bugs used in the jailbreak, and will therefore not be supported.

Whilst Apple TV jailbreaks have not historically got off the ground, there has always been the hope that porting Substrate across would allow tweaks, and bring some of the ecosystem over. With more people than ever making the signing window this time round and getting onto <=tvOS 11.1, and with nitoTV back working on his offering, perhaps this time we’ll see a more complete experience. For now, the jailbreak will be of use mostly for SSHing to your device, blocking updates, pushing files, and changing your root password for security purposes. If and when unsigned app support is added, TV jailbreakers will be able to install their favourite media apps without being subject to Apple’s 7-day restriction.

The tool is available to download now from the official LiberTV site. Avoid downloading it from other sources, as well as redistributing it elsewhere. The site also provides an FAQ and other information, which you might find interesting to read before getting started.

I haven’t tried it out on the Apple TV 4K yet, but a cursory run on the Apple TV 4 succeeded immediately, and worked as advertised. I was able to SSH into the device straight away, and didn’t encounter any bugs or instability.

We’ll keep you informed of any feature updates to the tool as it progresses, as well as any juicy titbits which are released to take advantage of the jailbroken platform. In the meantime, take care with your filesystem modifications, and let me know your experiences with LiberTV for iOS 11 in the comments below.

  • MasterShowdown

    Thanks iDB for always keeping us up to date ??

  • Nero

    mine is still on the first OS when released … shoud be 9.0.0 … is there any way to jailbreak it ?

  • Iskren Donev

    It would be awesome if iDB could make an article with a collection of awesome Apple TV jailbreak apps. I’m fairly new to the Apple TV jailbreak scene, so such an article would be immensely useful to me.

  • 9to5Slavery

    What’s latest tv os?

    • rvs007

      tvOS 11.2.1

  • zero flix

    What can you do with jailbreak besides people putting on KODI or install Apps to get movies and play Roms its really pointless…. What do you guys think?

    • Chris Ryan

      what more would you like it to do? maybe you could develop something for it

    • David Gow

      Yes I have no idea also what a tv jailbreak does either. Do you get to watch for free?

  • Nick Shen

    Do anyone know how to downgrade tvOS with shsh2 blobs, or any website teach you how to downgrade tvOS, thank you

    • rvs007

      I don’t think it’s possible at the moment to downgrade on a ATV.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      It might be possible, but there are no guides currently. Also, you’ll have to be on a jailbroken firmware to begin with.

  • RobDigital413

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc68b09f23105cba6369877b8f11ba326abebcbc16b65c0a91020773d5d33dde.jpg Added Safari app and Popcorn time…..I the process of adding Kodi I got error cpp 160 on Cydia impactor ……turn out that my Apple TV updated itself because auto update was off. Now on 11.2 but I got two apps so I’m happy

  • Gary le

    Damn, I have tvos 10.0.1 AT4 so no JB?

  • Kayky Ramos

    I bought a iPhone X recently and figured out that on iOS 11.1.1, is it possible to save blobs when I jailbreak it?

    • rvs007

      Since the signing window is closed for 11.1.1 or 11.1.2, you won’t be able to save blobs for those two versions. You can only save blobs for 11.2 and 11.2.1 at this point in time. However, you can keep your iPhone X at 11.1.1 and be able to jailbreak it with LiberiOS.

  • Gary le

    Yeah read it. But whats the benefits of JB it for Kodi? I have a Firetv4 woth Kodi and many Apk’s for live sports already.

    Also will the certificate expire wothin like a week so it would need to jb again?

    • rvs007

      The benefit is the potential to load unsigned apps like have Kodi on the ATV permanently instead of having to sideload every 7 days *BUT* because the jailbreak is semi-untethered, the JB app will still expire every 7 days (unless you have a paid developer account). But as long as you don’t reboot the ATV, any unsigned apps should still work beyond the 7 days, even if the JB app has expired. There’s also a bunch of tweaks and other features that NitoTV offers.

      • Gary le

        So after 7 days the Atv4 is no longer jailbroken? But the JB apps still work?

        Also NitoTV now works flawlessly?

        Lastly, paid apps are free in Cydia?

      • rvs007

        ATV4 doesn’t stop being jailbroken after 7 days. The JB app that puts the device into jailbroken state expires after 7 days. But if you don’t need to reboot your device, it will continue to be jailbroken until the next time it reboots, and you will need to run the JB app again to put it into jailbroken state. But if it’s past the 7 days, then you’ll need to reload the JB app.

        NitoTV should support tvOS 10… it just hasn’t been updated to tvOS 11 yet. And no there is no Cydia for tvOS. So no you cannot get paid apps for free.

      • Gary le

        Thanks for the info. I will most likely sell my AT4 since I already have a fire tv 2 and a Nvidia shield tv. Thanks though.

      • Gary le

        Btw you know anythjng aboutios 9.3.2 and 10.3.3 JB? I have an se with 9.3.2 and a 6 with ios 10.3.3 and deciding wich one to sell.

        In 9.3.2 Pangu JB seem to be semi-unthethered (re-JB after restart) and certificate exp in 7 days so have to re-JB.

        IN 10.3.3 they are still working on it for 64bit devices.

  • Doug

    I was wondering if anyone knew what version of tvOS comes installed on a brand new Apple TV 4K? If it is 11.1 or lower, I am going to get one! Also, is there a work around to side load libertv using a pc for the Apple TV 4K?