Wikipedia yesterday refreshed its iPhone and iPad app on App Store with a few improvements, including a new black reading theme perfect for the iPhone X edge-to-edge OLED display.

To use the new theme tap the Explore tab at the bottom, then hit that settings cog in the upper-left corner to access preferences. Now tap Appearance, then select Black underneath the Reading Theme headline. A Dim Images switch underneath the Theme Options headline allows you to optionally decrease the opacity of images on dark reading themes.

Aside from the black reading theme and lots of small bug fixes, Wikipedia for iOS version 5.7.3 will use less bandwidth due to a change prompting it to downloaded article images only when they’re about to be displayed. You will also enjoy faster article loading.

Wikipedia for iOS is a free download from App Store.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Sad, to hide that notch the new iphone need a black theme.

    • If you hate the notch, don’t buy iPhone X

    • graham_williams

      Naturally it’s to hide the notch and not to take advantage of lower power consumption with true black on the screen.

      Seriously, man, get a hobby.

  • yusslayer

    I love the notch

    • Me too, it’s kinda cute isn’t it?

    • Chris Angel

      How can anyone love that notch? I just don’t get it. People with average intelligence seems to like that notch.

  • Anonymouse

    The thing is that if Samsung had done something like this the comments section would be bursting at the seems with laughter, criticism you name it. So to sum this up isheep and me being an iphone user and apple products owner along with other brands, it is a f***ing joke this thing exists, now accept it and deal with it in your own pathetic disingenuous, dishonest and hypocritical way. Shop shut.