Software giant Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox party chat functionality to its iPhone app, and you can test the official beta right now ahead of its official debut.

Currently, Xbox Live account holders can chat with one another through their Xbox console.

By bringing the Xbox party chat capability to the iOS and Android platforms, Microsoft is aiming to extend the Xbox Live chat service to the world’s most popular mobile platforms.

The feature could even help the company sign up new users.

This will be great for playing cross-platform titles on other devices. As an example, someone playing Minecraft on their Xbox could easily partake in a party chat session from their iPhone.

To apply for the beta program, register your interest over at Microsoft’s website.

You’ll need to hurry up because a limited number of spaces are available. “Our goal is to ensure broad coverage of the app across devices, regions and other criteria,” Microsoft cautions. “We’ll continue to add users as space permits.”

The beta test is run through Apple-owned TestFlight program.

If you are selected for the beta, you’ll receive an invite via TestFlight in your provided email. If you’re not invited to the program immediately, they’ll retain your request for 30 days. If you haven’t been invited within 30 days and are still interested in participating, sign up again.

  • Brandon Higgins

    That’s exciting! I can use my AirPods to chat finally.

  • BuBubbi

    Works great.. Tested it earlier on the Xbox iOS Beta app.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    On the same subject, the PlayStation app for iOS has some major catching up to do. The messaging app is ok, yet the official PlayStation app needs major work.

    • justme

      I think the PS developers in charge of the dashboard and UI are too lazy..or the manager has no vision.

      That dashboard looks like something from 2002 when the King of fighters was awesome haha

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        If they even have dedicated devs from within Sony. Probably some B-class/rate developer.

  • justme

    I was waiting this for years since xbox 360
    Chating with your friends at party when you’re going home from school or work, that’s cool