If you fell in love with Apple’s stunning new dark gray finish for its wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad, you’re definitely not alone as we think they’re badass, too..

Too bad those who want these stealthier looking accessories will need to buy the newly released iMac Pro, which starts at $4,999 for the baseline configuration, to get them.

That’s because Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 are for the time being available separately in Apple’s standard Silver finish only. “Space Gray accessories are available only at the time of your iMac Pro purchase,” reads a notice on the Buy iMac Pro webpage.

As we said previously, Magic Trackpad 2 is an optional accessory.

Every iMac Pro configuration ship with Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse included in the box. However, customers can use configure-to-order features in Apple’s online store to order the computer with a Magic Trackpad 2 (+$50) or the Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad 2 combination for an additional $149.

iMac Pro also comes with a black version of Apple’s USB-A to Lightning cable.

As you know, Apple sells the Lightning cable in standard snow white finish only.

The black Lightning cable that comes with the computer is used for charging the included Magic accessories. To a trained eye, it’s essentially similar or same as the black cable which the firm ships with certain Beats headphones.

Should Magic accessories be available separately?

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  • malhal

    A good alternative space grey keyboard is the Mattias even works with 4 BT devices, although need to pair with Mac every reconnect so not perfect. Would quite like a grey mouse to match though.

    • Jay R.

      Hi malhal – Have you been using this keyboard for sometime and do you recommend it? I am considering purchasing their new version with backlit keys since I’ve heard we won’t be getting an official Apple version.

      • malhal

        Cant recommend because of the BT issue I mentioned and the keys are a bit squidgy. Mine is not backlit, I read you have to charge the battery more often so didn’t seem worth the hassle.