With a powerful tfp0 exploit for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 out in the wild, the future looks somewhat bright for an iOS 11 jailbreak. On the other hand, you don’t have long to get your devices on iOS 11.1.2 before Apple stops signing the supported firmware.

Not only has iOS 11.2 been out for some time, but Apple just released iOS 11.2.1 on Wednesday, which means the signing window could be closer than ever to closing.

Because time is of the essence, we’ve made this poll to spread further awareness about the current situation and to discern just how many people plan to prepare their device(s) for a potential iOS 11 jailbreak.

You can cast your response in the poll widget below:

Many are having trouble making their decision about staying on their current firmware or installing iOS 11.1.2. With that in mind, we created a detailed FAQ post regarding what you should do.

If you’ve decided to move forward with installing iOS 11.1.2, and aren’t sure how, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that we made a detailed tutorial to walk you through that process.

From all perspectives, the current situation (for lack of a better word) sucks. If an iOS 11 jailbreak does become a reality, then most tweak developers will probably develop for the iOS 11 platform rather than iOS 10, which leaves those with iOS 9/10 jailbreaks in the dust.

Sadly, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. There will be both pros and cons to any decision you make in this case. Overall, however, the choice to install iOS 11.1.2 is totally up to you, and some folks might be in a “leap of faith” sort of mood.

Have you made up your mind about what to do? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • David Gow

    Damn straight

  • Ronny Llerena

    We need a jailbreak like now.

    • Vinnie Bones

      ETA Son!!!

  • linkincyde

    how do i restore backup from ios 11.2, if i downgrade to 11.1.2? itunes forcefully update me to latest software. pls help.

    • I don’t recommend any backups. History has shown the best way to downgrade/jailbreak is to start with a fresh installation.

    • pegger1

      I don’t think you can restore a higher version backup into a lower version.

    • Arjan Vlek

      Not possible. You can only restore a backup of the same or a lower version of iOS than you have. In your case you can restore from backups of 11.1.2 or lower.

    • Jon Denning

      You can’t, unfortunately. This is precisely the reason I’m not downgrading to 11.1.2. Been on 11.2+ (Dev betas) for so long that I’d lose weeks and weeks of content if I downgraded. Sucks.

  • AMB_07

    I’m content enough with ”vanilla” iOS, last time I did a jailbreak was on my iPhone 4.

  • locomambo

    i was on 10.2 jailbroken since it came out with yalu, always had a jailbroken device since the iphone 4, just upgraded it to 11.1.2 yesterday, because i know and i am confident that a new jailbreak will come out, before jailbreaking to 10.2 i was on 9.3 jailbreak then updated to 10.2 and i was for almost 1 year without a jailbreak, it was a freaking pain but with all this news i know a jailbreak will come out soon..LET’S HOPE lol

  • Cerberus The Wise

    Hate to be a cynic but I doubt it’s happening. iOS 10 never even got a proper jailbreak. 32 but devices aren’t even supported anymore with iOS 11, so they don’t even have a chance. I use to jailbreak iOS every single time but now it’s such a pain to. You have to wait on a single firmware and pray to Jesus that a jailbreak drops for it for months or even close to a year, and you may still be out of luck if you have a newer device.

    • Boaz van Veen

      “iOS 10 never even got a proper jailbreak.”

      I’m sorry but yalu worked perfect on my 6s, the last beta anyway. Didn’t have trouble with it at all.

      • Cerberus The Wise

        Must be nice, but lots of people who had an iPhone 7 or newer can’t say the same.

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Im excited just for the prospect of jailbreaking. I loved my jailbroken 6s and now I have an 8 plus and I cant help but get giddy thinking of all the potential tweaks with the screen real estate. …but time will tell

    • Mario Mendez


  • SpideyRules

    I remember back in the days on the 4, 5, and 5s when these numbers were so skewed to the JB side. Now, it’s just not worth the hassle and JB is dying. My estimate…by this time in 2 years, JB will barely even be a thought…

  • Vinnie Bones

    I think there’s a jailbreak coming out.. last time the JB community was this frenzy was when Todesco said to stay on 10.1.1. JB on the iPhone X?!! Just think about the tweaks and possibilities!! Crazy!

    • Mario Mendez

      The iPhone X would fly. Animations off and emulators on it ?

      • Andrew Fox

        Did Apple remove the ability to turn off animations from the Accessibility screen?

      • 9to5Slavery

        Nope but with jailbreak it will ne

  • speaking of downgrade, im at 11.1.1 and i have my shsh saved of 10.3.1 theres a way to downgrade with my blobs saved from that ios ??? ios 11 is too laggy for my 6s and honestly i dont like ios 11, theres a way to downgrade to my saved blobs ?? thanks 😉

  • Mario Mendez

    Where is the no but I will when I get my iPhone X option? ?

  • Carrington Page IV

    Yes I downgraded after a day or two of being skeptical of the possibility of a jailbreak… Until Ian Beer released the exploit, then I downgraded and I’m currently awaiting someone to make a jailbreak! I’ll tweet and tag the creater of the jailbreak and express my thanks because of how toxic the jailbreaking community can be to them

  • ravinigga

    Im on 11.2 on my x can I downgrade without losing data?

    • Vinnie Bones

      you slacking my ravinigga.. who cares! just downgrade!!

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Didn’t downgrade, I stayed on 11.1.2 in the first place ?

  • mrgerbik

    Just for the chance to install ad blocking, I think its more then worth waiting.

  • PixelRogue


    iPad Mini 4 – successfully placed on 11.1.2


    Wife brings me the iPad this morning w/the message – “iPad is disabled” Continue to iTunes. *sigh* There is no backup yet of the fresh 10.1.2, so iTunes is not yet recognizing the device as paired.

    Appears there no way to get ‘me’ back to where I can enter a password on the device (reboots etc. give same connect to iTunes message.) There is no data on the device, so a full restore is fine *except* desperately do not want to update to 11.2 (even w/the recent news of another JB opportunity for 11.2). Any other methodsthat will reset the iPad to factory defaults w/o iTunes or checking for signature