Writing is hard. Even the most successful and prolific writers in the world often struggle with getting their ideas off the ground. That’s why Storyist for Mac is making waves across the literary world by providing an environment in which you can quickly and easily start working on your best ideas, and it’s available for just $19.

Optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, this super-powerful, all-in-one writing solution is designed to make working with your ideas intuitive and simple. Designed specifically for fiction writers, Storyist for Mac gives you complete control over manuscripts and screenplays, and offers elite annotation power along with the ability to implement images and comments, auto-complete scenes, and even create ePub and Kindle eBooks.

Don’t let a bad platform stand in the way of you and your ideas. Storyist for Mac streamlines the creative process for just $19—over 65% off its usual price.

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