Announced as part of a help document listed in iTunes Connect, Apple will now allow developers to offer pre-orders for upcoming applications across all of Apple’s platforms.

First noted by MacStories, the policy has already gone into effect and a few apps available for pre-order have started to appear on the App Store.

For free apps, when pre-ordered, buyers will be notified when the app is available and it will be downloaded to their device. For paid apps, it works the same, though they will be charged once the app is released, and before it is downloaded.

Making an app available for pre-order is exceedingly easy for developers. They simply must choose a date between 2 and 90 days in the future, and select “make available for pre-order” inside of the Pricing and Availability section of iTunes Connect.

This appears to be a larger rollout of the notify feature we saw some time ago for the first time with Super Mario Run when it launched on the App Store.

At time of writing, seven titles are already available that support the new features including Gorogoa and Inside, and Sonic Runners Adventure.

Do you like the ability to pre-order apps? Let us know what other App Store enhancements you’d like to see next down in the comments.

  • MrTarek

    Available for iOS 11.2 and later , it doesn’t let me pre-order on my 11.1.2

    • MasterShowdown

      Apple pushing everyone to iOS 11.2 and beyond, they have done that in the past. Yet a reason why Jailbreaking is becoming “not worth it”.

      PS don’t get me wrong would love to have all the sweet tweaks and customisation options, but less security, bank and security apps not working because of Jailbreak detection (no bypass available), and so on just sucks…

  • Personally I am NOT a fan of this direction. The possibilities of hiding incompetence or incomplete development behind a pre-order campaign and luring unsuspecting consumers into buying something that they wouldn’t normally if proper reviews or ratings were available is just too high for my comfort.

    I personally think that developers should work for their money and get paid based on their results rather than being paid on a promise. How many video games have made grand promises and shown amazing development trailers resulting in tens of thousands of pre-orders only to find out upon release that the game is utter garbage?

    I’d be interested to know what safeguards Apple is putting into play here as well. Will Apple immediately charge our cards or wait until the app is actually released? If they charge us money immediately are there safeguards to prevent a developer from stretching out their estimated release indefinitely? And either way, what it the refund policy (does it start from the time we first open the app or from the time we made the pre-order purchase)?

  • SpideyRules

    The only reason I preorder video games is because they’re so public and Sony or Microsoft will assist in rectifying issues if they occur.

    I don’t trust Apple would do the same…