During a talk at the Pivot Summit, Steve Wozniak shared a few anecdotes about Steve Jobs, as well as the iPhone X and how he got Apple’s latest device.

Turns out, Steve Wozniak never got around to picking up his own iPhone X.

Before the launch, he shared his opinion on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. He said the iPhone 8 was basically the iPhone 6, and that he wouldn’t be getting an iPhone X on day one.

Tim Cook thought he might help Woz out, and sent one over to him to try out personally. Turns out, he “kinda likes it”.

He did say that he prefers Touch ID over Face ID.

He also compared Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, saying they “aren’t similar in ideas but in vision. Both focus on what they want and built products for themselves”

He shared plenty of other anecdotes as well from his past and time with Steve.

What do you think of Apple’s outspoken co-founders opinions on the iPhone X? Do you agree?

Image: @MishManners

  • iDB always comes up with the creepiest of headlines!

    • M_Hawke

      That’s a weird thing to say. Care to elaborate?

    • craig

      I find your message creepy….. ?

  • h4nd0fg0d

    I tend to wholeheartedly agree with Woz. My boggle is the diminutive screen. It’s just another phone, nothing supremely special. Would have been equally or even happier with 8+. Kudos on the screen and lack of home button. Next yr will be all things right with all issues. Bet.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Wozniak always gives his honest opinion, unbiased to the company he helped create.

  • M_Hawke

    Yeah, I agree, I “kinda like it,” but not enough to want to buy one because that also means I kinda don’t like it.

  • João Almeida

    Who can handle this guy? He’s so boring

  • zebonaut

    Surely there will be an X Plus next year. Will there be a notch next year?

  • techfreak23

    After reading some comments on a few different posts from different blogs, I’m very surprised with the number of people who say that they would be happier with an 8 or 8+… the screen on the X is bigger than both with a physical size of the 8. The OLED alone is a HUGE upgrade from the TFT LCDs used in the 8’s. The whites are whiter and the blacks are completely black. The resolution and pixel density is also much better than the 8’s. Essentially what I am trying to say is that the screen alone is worth the upgrade to the X.

    The other thing I’ve been seeing is people asking about a X plus next year, which I don’t understand at all. Maybe it’s just because I don’t like big phones. I like big screens, but I don’t like physically large phones. They might come out with one at a later date, but I don’t think they would make one next year, unless they are able to drastically reduce the cost. People are already complaining about the X starting at $999. I can only imagine the amount of complaints if they do make a plus with a starting price of $1100…

    • I for one would MUCH prefer an 8 Plus over an X. So much so that if someone gave me an X I would sell it immediately and upgrade to an 8 Plus.

      While the X comes with the largest screen ever on an iPhone, it also fails to take advantage of this extra space by offering far less functionality in landscape mode than any Plus model ever sold. As someone who regularly uses the enhanced layouts for apps, this is something I wouldn’t want to pay extra to give up.

      As far as the screen itself though, in terms of deep blacks and color saturation, the X does win over the rest of the lineup. But it’s no brighter than the 8 (Apple rates both screens as a 625 cd/m2 for max brightness), and the higher resolution means it takes more processing power to render each frame resulting in the X having the lowest performance scores of this year’s 3 newest iPhones.

      And as a side note the OLED screen has the distinct disadvantage of displaying an OS that was never optimized for that technology and with iOS 7 and above rarely using true black in the interface the LCD actually ends up saving battery life as well. If you look at Apple’s battery estimates the iPhone 8 Plus and X are neck and neck when doing tasks with the screen off like talking on the phone and listening to music. However, the moment you turn the screens on and do something like watch videos or browse the web you loose around an hour of battery life to the 8 Plus.

      To each their own, and call me crazy but I’d rather not pay all that extra money to give up performance, battery and landscape usability for some deeper blacks on my screen.

      • techfreak23

        Very valid points. I guess where I’m lacking in understanding is due to the fact that I never had the plus. I was a little surprised to find that there wasn’t landscape support with the X but quickly figured that made sense with the “ears.” My main issue with the Plus models is the physical size of the device. I like smaller devices for every category. I have a 13” MacBook Pro, 38mm Watch, etc because I don’t want to be carrying around something that’s bulkier than necessary. Like you said though, to each their own.

        As for the OS not taking advantage of the OLED and the deeper blacks that is definitely not the case, you just don’t notice that they are supposed to be true blacks on the LCDs (I did the side by side comparison with my 7 as soon as I got my X). I notice and appreciate it every day that I use my X. I even have a largely black wallpaper to highlight that as well.

      • Yeah if you prefer the smaller devices that’s totally fair. Although I do find it ironic that thanks to reachability you can use the iPhone 8 Plus one handed but even if you have gigantic hands, it’s unlikely you can do something as simple as change the brightness on the iPhone X one handed 🙁

        Also, when I say it’s not optimized for OLED, look at the stock apps that come with it, apps like Calendar, Photos, Notes, Music, Health, Messages, Mail, the App Store, the iTunes Store, TV, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Files, etc… Not one of these apps will run more power efficient on an OLED screen than a LED screen. In fact the only three apps from apple that I can think of off the top of my head that would likely be optimized for OLED are Activity, Watch and Clock. Now you could set a pitch black wallpaper for your phone if you wanted to, but that’s an optimization that wouldn’t really apply to most users and even for you it would only apply as long as you don’t launch most of the Apps available for iOS. Maybe iOS will finally get it’s long awaited dark mode next year however as that would certainly be a great addition to any OLED phone 🙂