Looking at the feedback we’ve been getting, it seems a lot of you will be happy to learn that the iDB app has been updated and now supports the larger screen of the iPhone X. Available in the App Store as version 1.4.2, this new release also brings support for Smart Invert Colors.

A bunch of bugs have also been squashed, but quite frankly, you probably never experienced these bugs to begin with since they were mostly under the hood.

The iDB app is available for free in the App Store. If you like what we do, want to support iDB, and improve your reading experience within the app, please consider subscribing, which will remove all ads from the app, provide unlimited bookmarking, and offline reading for your bookmarked articles.

The die-hard iDB fan can subscribe for $0.99 per month. If money is tight but you still want to support iDB, there is also an option to subscribe for $2.99 per year.

Thank you for your support!

  • Lewis Gale

    Great work.

  • Titan3636

    Thank you ! Looks great

  • nova12

    I grade the poem an A- ?

  • DD™

    Looks great! Thank you for the update and quality news articles throughout the year. Happy New Year to IDB!

  • Yakir Manz

    Hi IDB,
    It’s buggy now for 4.7 iPhones.
    The saved articles number is over the iPhone battery icon.

    Please fix it.

    • nova12

      easy fix: spend $1200 on an iPhone X (jk)

      • Yakir Manz

        I already tried it with the iPhone 7 but went back to 6 to enjoy JB as it full glory 🙂

    • Hi. What device and iOS version are you seeing this on, please?

      • Yakir Manz

        iPhone 6 64gb iOS 9.1 JB

      • Can you delete the app and download it again from the App Store? There is no reason why this bug would happen. I tested on iPhone 6 and it works well, although I was not on iOS 9.1, which *may* be the cause of the problem. Anyways, please downloading full version (not update) from the App Store again, and let me know. Thank you

      • Yakir Manz

        I tried deleting and Installing again.
        I thought it might be related to my JB so I change the phone to safe mode and got the same result.
        Now I lost the 5 saved articles I had and I still have the same problem with the icon 🙁

      • I’m sorry about that. We will provide a fix in an upcoming update.


    Bring it to iPad ?
    Thanks ?

    • I’m sorry but there is no plan to bring the app to iPad at this time.

  • I’ll give you 5 stars for the great poem alone! Haha!

  • André Le Comte

    Does invent colors need to be applied system-wide?

    • Yes. But you can go in Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut, and select Smart Invert Colors. Then you can triple click the side button at any time to enable/disable Smart Invert. Pretty neat. Give it a try 🙂

      • André Le Comte

        Interesting tip. Thanks!