If you’ve been keeping up to date on your jailbreak news recently, then you might already know about the new exploit that could potentially open some doors to an iOS 11 jailbreak (or a semi-jailbreak at the least).

The latest iOS firmware the exploit works with is iOS 11.1.2. Anyone with even the slightest desire of jailbreaking iOS 11 may want to consider putting their device on iOS 11.1.2 as soon as possible before Apple closes the signing window. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how.

What you need to know

There’s no guarantee that an iOS 11 jailbreak will ever materialize, but iOS 11.1.2 is the latest version of iOS that Ian Beer’s tfp0 exploit works on.

I wouldn’t recommend upgrading your already-jailbroken device to iOS 11.1.2 (just in case you lose it for good), but that’s a tough decision you’ll have to make on your own. On the other hand, those already running iOS 11 have nothing to lose by putting their device on iOS 11.1.2 and crossing their fingers.

Keep in mind that since iOS 11.2 launched to the public recently, it won’t be long before Apple stops signing iOS 11.1.2. That said, you only have a limited time to act. Weigh in all of your options and try to make a decision promptly, before it’s too late.

How to get your device on iOS 11.1.2 right now

To downgrade or upgrade your iOS device(s) to iOS 11.1.2, follow these steps:

1) Make sure iOS 11.1.2 is still being signed when you try to do this. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. You can use IPSW.me to check any firmware’s signing status in real time.

2) Download the iOS 11.1.2 firmware file for each of the device(s) you intend to do this for:

Note: the file size is around 2GB, depending on the device. Your download speeds may vary.

3) Plug your iOS device into your computer with a Lightning to USB cable and launch iTunes.

Note: putting your device into DFU mode is highly-recommended (but not necessary) before proceeding.

4) Click on your connected device at the top left of the iTunes app:

5) If you are upgrading from an older version of iOS to iOS 11.1.2, then Option + Click (Mac) or Shift + Click (Windows) on the Check for Update… button.

If you are downgrading from a newer version of iOS to iOS 11.1.2, then Option + Click (Mac) or Shift + Click (Windows) on the Restore… button:

6) A Finder window launches. Select the correct iOS 11.1.2 firmware file for your device and then click on the blue Open button:

7) In the next prompt that appears, click on the blue Update or Restore button to continue:

Note: the button text varies depending on whether you’re updating or restoring your iOS device.

8) iTunes will now begin updating or restoring your device (depending on what you’ve opted to do); this may take several minutes:

9) When finished, you should see the following prompt; just click the blue OK button, or let the timer lapse:

Congratulations! Your device is now running iOS 11.1.2.

Now what?

There’s nothing else to do at this point besides sit and wait. You should avoid updating your device and keep it on iOS 11.1.2, as this is the latest firmware that Ian Beer’s tfp0 exploit supports.

Although there’s no guarantee that an iOS 11 jailbreak will ever materialize, at least you now have the peace of mind that you did everything you could to prepare your device(s) ahead of time. With some luck, perhaps we’ll see another season of jailbreaking.

Have you prepared your device(s) for iOS 11.1.2 yet? Let us know if you have or plan to in the comments section below.

  • igobythisname

    Decisions, Decisions… iPad Air 2 jailbroken on iOS 10.2, iPhone 6SPlus jailbroken on iOS 10.0.2, iPhone 5S Jailbroken on iOS 10.2… to update to 11.1.2 or not, hMmm………. decisions, decisions…. ugh~!!!!

  • Cob

    I cannot find firmware 11.1.2 for Iphone 10


    • igobythisname

      the exploit doesn’t apply to iPhone 7/8/X, so there’s really no point in downgrading your iPhone X, sorry! Hopefully soon!

      • Cob

        Opss, I see i see
        But isn’t a good idea to downgrade to 11.1.2 just i case?

        I don’t know where to find the firmware for Iphone10…

        Thank you for your response 🙂 🙂

      • igobythisname

        hey, i replied with a link where you can download it, same site that is referenced in this article, but they did not approve my response to you, sorry! check the article again, go to the IPSW .ME site and select your phone to download the file

      • Cob

        Super , Thank you


        You sure????

      • According to Ian Beer, his tfp0 exploit should work on ALL devices. https://twitter.com/i41nbeer/status/940255539153588224

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    We have plenty of time before Apple closes the window. Given that 11.1.2 is just before 11.2, Apple will close the rest, but they always leave 2 firmwares signed in case of disaster.

    • Apple doesn’t always follow patterns, especially as of late.

      • Most of the time the signing window is only open for a week on 0.0.x firmwares and longer on x.0 firmwares

  • tskwierc

    BTW In windows its shift click not alt click on restore.

  • Carlo Cervantes

    If I downgrade from 11.2 to 11.1.2 Do I lose everything on my iphone SE ?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      No, just run a backup through iTunes, then restore to 11.1.2, then after you’ve downgraded, restore from backup

      • Marc

        Not possible.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Yes it is, don’t backup through iCloud.

      • Ive tried it before and it says you need to update to use the 11.2 backup.

        Ive heard some people having luck when shift clicking update to downgrade and still keeping all their data. Its risky though

      • ready1take1

        yeah i just downgraded to 11.1.2 and could not restore my backup

      • Boaz van Veen

        yes that works. i just did that on my X.

    • Tomo Play

      Go back to iOS 11.2, restore your iCloud Backup and use the Option…
      Option + Click (Mac) or Shift + Click (Windows) on the “Check for Update” with the 11.1.2 ipsw.
      It will downgrade your device from iOS 11.2 to iOS11.1.2 without losing your files ;).
      I have do this with my iPad Pro, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

  • Boaz van Veen

    This article should include backups

    • Backups are awful when dealing with jailbreaks and the likes. You drag over so many old files and increase the likelihood of file corruption. Better to start with a clean slate.

      • MasterShowdown

        That’s one of the reasons Jailbreaking isn’t worth it. Losing all that app data and don’t forget reinstalling everything is just a pain.

  • Barry Schroeder

    I thought if we were saving our SHSH blobs using the TSS Saver we could always downgrade, even once Apple stopped signing?

    • Fofer

      No, they closed that hole a long time ago.

  • Marc

    The biggest problem I have faced downgrading from 11.2 is that I can’t use my icloud backups.

    Trying to get an iPhone 8 into DFU mode is also a brand new challenge.

  • ChrisLinke

    If we’re on any iOS 11 version below 11.2, surely we would remain on our current versions?
    The problems described by Apple on iOS 11.1.2 after December 2nd don’t seem worth it (any 3rd party app re-occuring notifications cause re-spring of system). This was bad enough that they rushed out iOS 11.2 ahead of schedule.
    Personally I’m on 11.1.1 and think I will stick to it (and I’m not in a cold area that would be affected by the quick change in temperature bug).

  • Hector Moreno

    I’m fine with ios 11.2,mi iPhone 6 , works better than 11.1.2, more fast, less lag…. 🙂

  • craig

    sorry if this sounds dumb, but I’m successfully downgrading the iPhone x to ios 11.1.2 but when I try restore or set up as a new iPhone it takes me through the process then hits the update to ios 11.2 and I cant get past this, am I doing something wrong or is this how the phone handles downgrading now? thanks for any replies/help 🙂

    • Michael Pontbriand

      How did you get your iphone from keeping it form downloading 11.2 when download backup?

    • Michael Pontbriand

      After I restore my phone and try backing it up from icloud. It makes me update to 11.2. I can’t find out how to get around this? Can you give the steps on how you got yours to work from backup and not update to 11.2. Thank You!

      • craig

        yea, the unfortunate compromise i had to do to keep ios 11.1.2 was i had to set up as a new device and never connected to the internet, so basically i did the steps as shown in the article but once downgraded i unplugged from the pc and never put my wifi password in.

        the thing that was not too bad was all icloud stuff like photos, passwords etc was all safe i just had to re download all apps and lost txt messages.

      • Tomo Play

        Go back to iOS 11.2, restore your iCloud Backup and use the Option…

        Option + Click (Mac) or Shift + Click (Windows) on the “Check for Update” with the 11.1.2 ipsw.

        It will downgrade your device from iOS 11.2 to 11.1.2 without losing your files ;).

  • As far as I know iOS 11.2 enabled HEIV/C (saw an app update mention this)?
    As much as I’d love a JB, that is kind of important too.

  • Bhanuj Singh Chaudhary

    I am on iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 6s) and I am in dilemma whether I should update to 11.1.2 or stay on 10.3.3
    Someone please help!

  • Michael Pontbriand

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this. I backup my iphone from IOS 11.2. Then I restore my iphone to 11.1.2. Itunes says I have to be on 11.2 to do backup. Or if I don’t do it from my computer and through the start up steps on my iphone, then do my backup from icloud. It forces me to upgrade to 11.2 and theres no way to not download 11.2 to get my backup setup. Can anyone help me with steps on fixing this and getting my iphone 6s on 11.1.2 with my backup. THANK YOU!

    • Tomo Play

      Go back to iOS 11.2, restore your iCloud Backup and use the Option…
      Option + Click (Mac) or Shift + Click (Windows) on the “Check for Update” with the 11.1.2 ipsw.
      It will downgrade your device from 11.2 to 11.1.2 without losing your files ;).

      • Michael Pontbriand

        Thanks so much Tomo Play! Worked perfectly!

      • MaRz Franco

        can u explain this more detailed? I was on 11.2, then backed up my device. Used the Option Click under RESTORE on iTunes and Now im on 11.1.2 and backup cant be used.

      • Antoni

        Not RESTORE go on “update” then Option Option + Click (Mac) or Shift + Click (Windows).
        It will downgrade back to 11.1.2 without loosing your date

      • Boaz van Veen

        This works indeed, thanks alot 😀

  • ready1take1

    So if I download the ipsw file right now while it’s still being signed and hang on to it, then a jailbreak is released, couldn’t I downgrade then, and stick with 11.2 for now? Then deal with the backup situation?

    • Kappamello

      No lol. Everything that is on the internet can’t be deleted. It is just a download which is not exclusively available for download from Apple, but many other websites. If they close the signing process you will not be able to install that specific firmware anymore, regardless if you have downloaded it now or in 1 year. You have a few days now.

      • ready1take1

        I have it downloaded. Are you saying that if Apple closes the signing window, that file no longer works?

      • Fofer

        It means you can’t install it, yes.

  • PixelRogue


    Anyone know a decent (time effective) method for the following situation?

    I upgraded to iOS 11.2, then backed to 11.1.2 – (all ok).

    Upon restoring the data, I get the following message “The backup “iPhone” cannot be restored to this iPhone because the software on the iPhone is too old.”

    Currently, looks like I will need to upgrade again to 11.2, export any data that looks important and hope for the best. iCloud could be an option (though prefer to ignore iCloud, and maybe not enough space).

    Any way to just transfer the data ‘back’ to 11.1.2?

  • So Young

    iOS 11,2 fix too many bugs to worth downgrading even for a possible jailbreak.

  • Boaz van Veen

    I can happily say i downgraded my iPhone X from 10.2 to 11.1.2 with the holding shift+ “update” button in itunes. (and then selecting the ipsw file) I kept all my data. I can recommend others to do this as well, any day apple might close signing the firmware now.