Apple earlier this week posted a new iPad Pro mini-ad on its official YouTube channel.

Running just fifteen seconds long to make it instantly shareable on social media, the video focuses on the benefits of using Apple Pencil and iOS 11’s much improved Markup feature for easily annotating documents, screenshots, webpages and more.

Song: “Go” by Louis The Child

“With iPad Pro + iOS 11, you can use Apple Pencil to mark up anything in an instant, whether it’s a website, an email or your friend’s broken arm,” reads the video’s description.

This mini-ad is based on Apple’s earlier “What’s a Computer?” commercial which showed off the versatility of iPad Pro as a computer replacement device.

How do you like this new iPad Pro ad?

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  • tskwierc

    I quickly read the title of this thinking that Apple was introducing an iPad mini Pro. I am one of the few people that would find a mini size iPad pro useful for my job.

    • macbooker

      Same here, I thought I missed something…

    • Robert GreatestDay Walker

      you aint the only one!! for about 30 seconds I was like EF YEEAAA!!!! Thats why they hadn’t updated. IT WAS WORTH IT!!!… Snap back to reality where they are still neglecting a size that didn’t sell well but people still want.

      • Keith S.

        I clicked through for details for EXACTLY the same reason. Sigh.

        Note to Christian: punctuation matters in headlines!

  • Miqdad

    For a moment i thought there was an upgraded iPad mini out. ‘iPad Pro Mini’

  • Rob

    Same here, got excited for a new iPad mini for a few seconds there ?