With so many wonderful apps available for your Mac, it can be a bit frustrating narrowing down which ones to get. That’s why we’ve decided to go and make your life a bit easier by bundling together ten of the best Mac apps around in this Mac Bundle.

Featuring the top-rated apps Path Finder 7 and Photolemur, this bundle of Mac applications can be yours for any price you want to pay. Simply pay what you want, and you’ll instantly get two of the collection’s 10 apps. Beat the average price paid, and you’ll get the remaining eight at no extra charge!

How does it work?

With each Pay What You Want Bundle, you get something incredible for the price of your choosing. Name your own price, and if that’s less than the average price, you’ll still take home something great. If you beat the average price, you’ll take home the entire bundle. Even better, beat the Leader’s price and get entered into our epic giveaway, plus get featured on the Leaderboard!

Here’s what’s included

  • Path Finder 7 ($39.95 value): Access and manage all your files quickly and efficiently with this ingenious app that trumps your Mac Finder in terms of both convenience and style. You’ll be able to employ extreme customization and manage your workflow in a much more streamlined fashion, regardless of your work routine.
  • Photolemur 2.2 Spectre ($50 value): Meet the world’s very first automated photo enhancement and editing solution for Mac. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and image recognition, Photolemur adds real-world magic to your photos and allows you to effortlessly turn them into stunning, professional-grade shots with just a few clicks.
  • Live Home 3D ($29.99 value): Remodeling or renovating your home is hard enough; you don’t need to be using antiquated technology to make the process any harder. Live Home 3D makes it easy to see exactly what your proposed changes will look like, and it even lets you choose from a built-in library of over 1,500 objects and fabrics.
  • Pagico 8 ($50 value): If you like to stay organized, you’ve doubtlessly heard of Pagico, which is used by some of the world’s leading professionals to keep all their tasks, notes, and projects in one easy-to-access place. The newest incarnation of this powerful software is better than ever—allowing you to sync data with mobile devices and schedule tasks through a brand-new calendar view.
  • VPN Unlimited: 3-Yr Subscription ($129.99 value): If you’re surfing the web without a VPN, you’re putting your most sensitive data at risk every day. VPN Unlimited is one of the most trusted VPNs around and lets you completely mask your location, hide your IP address, and even bypass those pesky content-blocking restrictions when you travel abroad.
  • MacGourmet Deluxe ($49.95 value): We live in an almost entirely digital age, yet most of us still resort to flipping through a cookbook when it comes time to making our favorite foods. MacGourmet Deluxe is an award-winning app that lets you easily edit, organize, and share your recipes all in one place. You’ll even be able to bring life to your recipes with images, directions, and colors.
  • Screens 4 ($29.99 value): If you’re like most busy professionals, you likely have a home computer and a work computer. Screens 4 makes it possible to control all your various computers from your Mac, so you can pretty much be in two places at once. You’ll be able to constantly protect your data via an SSH tunnel and even enjoy the multi-touch features you use on your Mac trackpad.
  • WallPaper Wizard 2 ($19.90 value): Let’s face it: The go-to wallpapers and background options on your Mac are a bit limited. WallPaper Wizard 2 opens up an entire new world of background image possibilities with over 25,000 stunning, HD images to choose from.
  • iLocker PRO ($39.90 value): Just because we live in a new age of digital sharing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your computer’s security. iLocker PRO lets you quickly password-protect each major app on your Mac (including Apple mail, Photos, Contacts, and Safari), so you can be protected at all times regardless of whether or not you want to send files over an insecure connection.
  • Timing Productivity ($29 value): Take your productivity to the next level with Timing Productivity—the app that lets you automatically track the time you spend on different activities, so you can assemble data and analytics on how you spend your time. You’ll then be able to make better decisions about which activities deserve your attention, and which ones you could do a bit less.

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