Apple slipped a minor update under the radar with a few new additions to their Apple Watch band and iPhone X case lineups. It includes three new silicone band colors, and three new silicone iPhone X cases.

On the Apple Watch front, we have Flash Sports Band, which previously was only available as a Sport Loop style. There is also the Spicy Orange Sports Band, which previously existed as an Hermés exclusive. Lastly, we have the Dark Teal Sports Band.

The other changes we saw were to the iPhone X Silicone Case.

The changes largely mirror what we saw on the Apple Watch bands. Both Flash and Spicy Orange are now available, as well as Cosmos Blue. Cosmos Blue has been around for a little while as a leather case option, and now is available as silicone as well.

Of the new colors, which ones is your favorite? Do you think you will be picking up a new colored case or watch band? Why don’t you let us know down below!

  • David Jacobs

    Wish they would offer the orange and yellow iPhone cases in Leather as well.The Silicone is too much of a dust/lint magnet.

    • Juniors234

      Agreed. They are nice to look at, but in practice pretty much get dirty all the time.

      • Laszlo Gaspar

        i made the mistake of getting the black silicone case and its permanently covered in pocket lint from my jeans. i should have gotten the white silicone.

  • Anonymouse

    Ahh silicone the cheapest material they can use and with the most exorbitant mark up. Classic Apple