In the latest ranking from the Drucker Institute, Apple came in #2, placing it squarely below Amazon and above Google. According to The Wall Street Journal today, this is the first ranking of US companies based on the principals of Peter Ducker, a renown business export.

The management ranking scores “how well a business does in five areas that reflect Mr. Drucker’s core principles: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength.”

Apple scored well in many of the categories, but doing best in innovation and finance. It only received 4/5 in customer, employee and social aspects.

Apple’s final score of 88.4 was just behind Amazon, who inched them out with an 89. Many other tech firms appeared in the top 10 including Alphabet, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Nvidia.

  • burge

    I wouldn’t put Amazon top. If you only know what their Health and safety people told their forklift operators todo, I’ll put it like this somebody lost foot The amazon warehouses are hell holes and not well managed all.

  • I wonder if people like Denise Young Smith would agree with this assessment after all the grief she got for saying such “outrageous” things like, diversity isn’t just about skin color and can encompass bringing different life experiences to the table or that time when she said that white people can be diverse too.

    But I will admit, I’m curious to see what the high mark in innovation was for this year. I must have missed something…

    • usmc5939

      How they were able to innovate higher profit margins and convince people that buying a $1000 phone that will be obsoleted in 12 months is somehow necessary and magical…

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        When has an iPhone ever been obsolete in 12 months? 36 months, sure. 12, no.

    • Steve Harold

      Diversity should NEVER be forced. It makes an atmosphere of “oh no we have to look diverse and have to hire someone like this”. This is a terrible idea. Hire on talent not on “diversity quotas”.

  • Stelios Anastasiades

    Why dose Apple have more stars then Amazon then??

    • Y2J: Keeper of the List

      I assume they’re weighted differently. NVIDIA and Cisco both have more and are ranked 9-10