If you are still looking for an iPhone X, Apple now has them available to order, and be delivered in a week. If you place an order today, you should receive your new phone by December 8th.

This is a remarkable turnaround for what many expected to be a very difficult phone to get ahold of. That isn’t to say demand has been slow, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities just recently issued a report outlining that vastly improved production times are behind the speedier delivery times.

We just heard this week that Apple was able to move over 6 million iPhone Xs over Black Friday weekend.

I can verify personally the quick delivery speeds as I was able to order a phone and have it delivered within three days.

The improved iPhone X stock is not exclusive to Apple. Many carriers and third-party retailers are also seeing increased supply.

If you haven’t gotten yours yet, it seems production has finally caught up to demand to make finding one easy. Let us know how your efforts go down in the comments.

  • nathan stout

    Still skeptical that there isn’t just low demand…

    • Mike M. Powell

      Maybe, some people are giving back their X n getting the 8plus. Either the size and waiting for the X Plus. Or something else.

    • Starfall88

      They aren’t going to say the demand is low regardless if it is true or not.

    • Joshua Ventura

      Or production is getting better every year. Time will tell when quarter announcements are announced.


    site says dec. 11th now.

  • Alexander Figueroa

    I’m keeping my 7plus one more year.