Microsoft has released their new Edge browser on iOS after a significant beta testing period. It allows you to easily pick up and leave off from your Windows 10 PC, similar to Apple’s Handoff.

The Edge browser is an easy way for Windows users to feel more at home on iOS. Aside from being able to sync your browsing between your phone and PC, you also can sync your passwords, favorites, and reading lists.

It also has a built-in QR code reader, a feature that just came to Apple’s default camera app with iOS 11.

If voice control is your speed, you can easily browse with your voice.

Lastly, it features an easy access private mode that won’t save any of your history or data.

Edge is currently available on the App Store for free, as well as Android.

  • The reviews are already as expected: “Brand new app and not even optimised for the iPhone X” ??

    • M_Hawke

      LOL you were absolutely correct! Most of the 2 and 1 star reviews were those complaints. ???

  • Siri Tim Cook Holness

    No1 wants edge tho

    • AMB_07

      I like it

    • M_Hawke

      I like it, too, and isn’t browser of choice.

  • teris

    Great browser

  • M_Hawke

    Wow, this is a fast browser. And feels clean. And no “something went wrong with this webpage” errors. I like it better than Safari.

  • Sweet! Not only can I use a Microsoft browser without their render engine (immediately making it the most advanced browser that MS has ever rolled out) but now they can keep tabs (pun intended) on what I’m up to on the internet 🙂