iPhone X has introduced a fair share of all-new gestural interactions for the commonly used iOS features that used to require Home button presses or taps. In addition, the handset provides some previously unavailable shortcuts, like instant jumping to your last-used app.

You probably know that the horizontal line at the bottom of the iPhone X display (it’s called Home indicator) can be swiped across to quickly cycle through the recently-used apps.

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It’s my favorite gesture. Every time I use it, I’m amazed by its wonderful execution.

A quick horizontal swipe with my thumb across the Home indicator is just what I need when, say, copying text from a webpage in Safari into Mail or adding things to Notes from another app. It’s natural, very smooth and faster than invoking the iOS app switcher.

But what if you’re on the Home screen and want to jump quickly to your last-used app?

Well, there’s a gesture for that, too!

How to go from Home screen to last-used app

As mentioned, iPhone X offers an undocumented shortcut which lets you instantly jump from any Home screen to the app you were using last. In order to do that, swipe right across the bottom of the Dock over the area where the Home indicator usually appears.

And just like that, your last-used app swooshes into view.

This time-saving gesture should boost your productivity, especially if you’re like me and tend to frequently jump back and forth between the Home screen and the current app, i.e. to find something using iOS’s Search feature (previously known as Spotlight).

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Again, this gesture works only if you’re on your Home screen.

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It doesn’t work when using an app.

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  • I’m confused. It says this gesture only works on the home screen. Is this not the same gesture talked about in the intro of this article? If not what’s the difference? To make sure I’m not crazy I tried the gesture described while in an app and it went to my last used app.

    • ericesque

      Not crazy. This is the 500 word way to say: you can swipe the bottom of the dock as if it were the home indicator!

      • Jerry

        THIS IS THE MOST INSANE ARTICLE IVE EVER READ. Wow! I can see who bullshitted his way through essays in school lmao

    • Wow no response huh. Figures.

    • It is the same gesture as swiping across the Home indicator while using an app, but it’s not immediately obvious you can use it from the Home screen by swiping across the Dock

  • Bacillus

    So brilliant. Joni Ive deserves the jumpback award.
    Next: the jump-back-several-iOS-versions gesture, please

  • Jay Dee

    I didn’t know you could do that from the home screen since the little bar isn’t there at the bottom. That’s very useful. Thanks for the tip!

  • Vinnie Bones

    Articles like this makes me NOT regretting switching back to 8 Plus. The Home button is try a blessing.

    • Jerry

      Trust me the home button being gone is heaven. The swipe up is amazing

      • Vinnie Bones

        Nah.. I’ll take double-click swipe up delete OVER swipe up and hold 1s and swipe up to delete.

      • Except for all those times when you accidentally activate it and close the app you had open because your swipe up was too close to the bottom of the screen or the times when you want to quickly access the app switching view and realize that it’s significantly faster to double tap the home button then to swipe up, hold and swipe right.

        Having the home button also means I don’t have to put up with all those weird layout issues to make room at the bottom of the screen for the home indicator bar either (actually giving me a bit more screen space in landscape mode).

        Not to mention it’s a bit easier to activate SIRI and reachability mode one handed without having to change your grip a bit. IDK, I’ll keep my home button for now 🙂

    • Steve Harold

      Same, and I always leave my screen set to never auto off, so I’m also worried about OLED burn in.

      I’ve used an X for a few hours thanks to a friend of mine. I CAN’T stand the control center. Or even worse going all the way over for notifications.

      • Vinnie Bones

        It’s def a learning curve.. depending on how you swipe down trigger dif thing.. ain’t nobody got time for that!