Even though AirPods and iPads topped the list for most popular gadgets during Cyber Monday, Apple sold some crazy amounts of the new iPhone X as well.

StreetInsider today quoted today Rosenblatt China Technology analyst Jun Zhang as saying that the Cupertino technology giant was able to move an estimated six million iPhone X units during the kickoff holiday shopping weekend. Not only did Apple sell incredible amounts of the latest iPhone, it did so while improving shipping times as well.

This leads further credence to the report detailing that the improved shipping time for iPhone X was a result of production increases, not waining demand. StreetInsider reiterated that fact, saying iPhone X production was “ahead of schedule.”

Zhang noted that the 256GB iPhone X was proving to be twice as popular as the 64GB version.

As a result of these stellar sales and increased production rates, Zhang lowered his expectations for the upcoming quarters as more sales have moved into the December quarter.

Now that shipping times have improved significantly, have you been able to get your hands on an iPhone X?

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  • Satyam Panchal

    Not a big deal apple products always sold too much

  • M_Hawke

    Why did they sell so many? Were there some great deals happening?

    • nova12

      In my case, I saw that it was available same day at the local Apple Store. So, wth, why not, I thought.

  • Icebox766

    Looks like shipping is back to 2-3 weeks in US. Just looked now and told 12/13-20. But last week before Black Friday it was down to 1-2 weeks, so delays have increased for now.