Now that iPhone X shipping times have stabilized thanks to the end of the production delays, Apple has rolled out four new ads for the device. Three of them feature Face ID, and the last features my new favorite YouTube genre, Animoji Karaoke.

There has been quite the litany of concerns regarding Face ID, and these latest ads aim to dispel them, as well as highlight the features exclusive to the iPhone X.

It quells worries about whether Face ID will work in the dark and if it will work with different facial changes (like different hair, glasses, makeup, etc). The third video on Face ID shows off all the different ways to use it, such as using Apple Pay and entering passwords.

My favorite of the ads features the viral sensation Animoji Karaoke.

Check out the whole lineup of videos below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

  • nova12

    so far, my Face ID has worked flawlessly in the dark. and in just about every other circumstance. it even works while mounted to one of my air vents in my car while I’m driving (about 2-3 feet away maybe) and while on it’s dock on my desk at work (same distance). it’s much better than I had expected.