Developed and ported to the iOS platform by Feral Interactive, Codemasters’ triple-A hit racing game GRID Autosport is now available on iPhone and iPad as a premium $9.99 download from App Store following its Mac App Store release in November 2016.

GRID Autosport for iOS comprises the complete game and all the add-on content, allowing you to compete in the world’s most exciting cars on motorsport’s most challenging circuits.

The game provides iPhone X support from day one and includes 100 cars and 100 circuits, with more available in the form of free of charge In-App Purchases. I know developers sometimes unjustly tout “console-grade graphics,” but GRID Autosport is not one of those games—it looks awesome with pin-sharp visuals and 60 FPS performance.

It has touch and tilt controls and supports “Made for iOS” (MFi) gamepads, which is great.

The available game modes include:

  • Tuner—Drive your Super Modified motor over its limit in Drift and Time Attack events.
  • Touring—Lead the pack by driving with aggression and determination in full-contact races.
  • Endurance—Test your mental strength and physical stamina in extended night-time races.
  • Open wheel—Accelerate to 200mph while perfecting your racing line in lightweight racing machines.
  • Street—Ramp up the fear factor on perilously tight city circuits.
  • Party mode—Battle to become the last car standing in Demolition Derby, get the farthest in Checkpoint and make sure you stay out of last place in Eliminator.

GRID Autosport requires a minimum of six gigabytes of free storage space on your iPhone or iPad, with eight gigabytes recommended to avoid installation issues. Supported hardware includes iPhone SE or newer, the 9.7-inch iPad (2017 or newer) and any iPad Pro model.

iOS 11 or later is required to play the game, with the initial download coming in at around 4 GB.

GRID Autosport is a $9.99 download from App Store.

  • racerhomie

    Awesome.A9 is where iOS will beat Android games with a huge margin ,since most android games can’t even have A9 levels of performance.

    • askep3

      And no devs going to release a game like this in the first place on android (at least not first) with their levels of piracy

      • racerhomie

        99% android phones cant even get a game like this.

      • askep3

        Tru. People are always saying android is more popular thanIOS, but that’s mostly the budget devices.

    • askep3

      Finally there are apps and games that take advantage of the powerful hardware

  • Iskren Donev

    Kudos to the developers for making a premium game that doesn’t nickel and dime you to oblivion. Would’ve gladly paid even $20 for it!

  • Umut Topuz

    anyone tested with mfi controller?

  • Steve__S

    I’d love to see this on the Apple TV… Does anyone know if it’s coming?

    • askep3


      I just got an Apple TV and this would be a fantastic buy if I could play it on all three platforms. Dont know if I’ll buy it without knowing if Apple TV is coming or not thought

      • Steve__S

        Same. I’m interested in the game, but would really prefer to play it on the Apple TV. While I could setup a MiFi controller on my phone or iPad, I don’t plan to do so.

      • askep3

        If you have the nimbus at least, it’s really easy to switch, but it totally agree I’d rather play this on Apple TV and then have it on iOS for when I’m on the go. Kind of like a switch.

        Now that I think about it, aren’t iOS devices more powerful than a switch? It has a fan, but it can barely push 720p at times. Motorsport runs at a much higher resolution for a hard to render game,

      • Steve__S

        Yeah, there isn’t an Android based device at all that can compete with the A10x in the current AppleTV or iPad Pro. It’s too bad that Apple doesn’t do more to attract bigger name games to the AppleTV. I have to imagine it wouldn’t be a huge effort to port from iOS to TV OS. Sigh…

      • askep3

        Many games have come to Apple TV, but sometimes the efforts seem half baked. There’s just not as large of an install base on Apple TV, even though most of the people who have one are hungry for high quality games like this one. It’s more powerful than a damn switch, the only issue is that since it’s not seen as a console, only an extremely small subset is going to pay $30+ for a game, let alone $60 for a AAA.

      • Steve__S

        Part of this was a technical problem and Apple’s fault. Apple had originally limited initial downloads to 200MB with additional content that could be added later. They also required games to work with the built in remote. That severely limited what was possible.

        They eventually allowed games to require an MFi controller. More recently, they raised the initial app download size from 200MB to 4GB. That should go a long way in terms of getting better quality games. Still, as you mention, tvOS is a much smaller market than iOS. However, my thought is that if they’re going to port to iOS, than I can’t imagine it’s much extra work to move it over to tvOS as well.

  • Frankie Bloise

    I tested it but the battery life was depleted very quickly (iPhone X)
    One good thing is some DLC appears to be free.

    I will turn the iPhone off and on and see if the battery is improved.

    • askep3

      With graphics this good, you should probably just play plugged in. All IAPs should be free, however…