There’s no better time to get your holiday shopping done than Black Friday, but the sheer number of sales can be a notch overwhelming. We’ve rounded up 20 Black Friday tech deals, with many up to 60, 70, and 80 percent off. Finish off your holiday shopping AND save a boatload of cash… it’s a win-win.

Under $25 (stocking stuffers)

1. FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds – $19.16 (84% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

With unrivaled sound quality for their compact size, the FRESHeBUDS magnetic earbuds feature a rugged build to survive all your outdoor activity with sweat and water resistance. It doesn’t get any simpler than using these earbuds: just pull the magnetic buds apart and they automatically pair to your device. Now available with an additional Black Friday price drop, they’re a perfect companion or gift for anyone on the go.

2. ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod – $16.00 (54% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Sometimes, an arm’s reach is not enough to capture the moment you want. That’s why the ARMOR-X tripod lets you set up your phone to get pics or video from virtually any angle. Flexible arms let you position this tripod on almost any surface, including uneven spots — you can even wrap it around a pole or other fixture. Open up someone’s world of photography with this versatile mount at almost half off.

3. Glowing USB cable – $11.99 (40% off)

Hate never knowing how fast a device is charging? With this glowing USB cable, you’ll have a first-hand view. Watch how fast the lights are strobing through this ultra-cool cable and you’ll know exactly how quickly you’re powering up. Who knew a simple USB cable could be such a conversation starter?

4. Bobine Flex Plus iPhone Dock – $20 (42% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Versatility is the name of the game for the Bobine Flex Plus. It’s a power cable, a charging dock, a tripod and an all-purpose iPhone stand—all in one. This MFi Lightning-certified connection is so compact that it’ll travel anywhere and fill whatever role you need in the moment. For anyone with an iPhone, it’s the only accessory they’ll need.

5. LithiumCard Wallet Battery – $16 (73% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Keep an ample supply of extra power stashed conveniently in your wallet. The LithiumCard wallet battery is the same size as a small credit card stack, yet this aluminum-housed power boost charges devices at an eye-popping clip: up to 1 percent of battery life per minute. Give the gift of a fully-charged iPhone at all times with this handy accessory.

Under $50  (gifts for your cool friends)

1. Mim Smartwatch – $39.20 (60% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Finally, a smartwatch that looks as good as it functions. The Mim’s stainless steel construction is available in a variety of eye-catching colors and styles and works hand-in-hand with a host of smart features (call notifications, activity tracker, sleep monitor, etc.) that are linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth. And did we mention the battery lasts 750 days?

2. Activeon CX 1080p WiFi Action Camera – $32 (68% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Get all the functionality of a GoPro for a fraction of the price, This action camera includes all the features you’d expect—without the premium action camera price. The Activeon CX boasts timelapse capabilities, four different field-of-vision options, remote recording via smartphone, and even an underwater-mode—all in gorgeous, crystal-clear 1080p HD video. Surprise someone with a fully-loaded camera at a price that won’t cripple your holiday budget.

3. RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones – $24 (59% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Tired of snapping crummy smartphone photos? Just slide the RevolvCam on your phone and you’ll immediately be able to take enhanced wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses shots, all with a simple flick of the finger. It’s even got a handy LED light source and a mirror to make sure even selfies look picture-perfect. It’s a full handful of cool camera attachments in one compact, powerful, portable unit.

4. HomeSpot AirBeans X True Wireless Earbuds – $40 (42% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

The term “wireless” shouldn’t mean a wire connecting two earbuds. It should actually mean no wires. The elite, fully wire-free AirBeans earbuds fit the ear snugly, pumping out top-quality, noise and echo canceling sound. Plus with an advanced Bluetooth connection, these earbuds assure a comfortable, true wireless experience. They even come with a magnetic charging base to keep ‘em ready to go at a moment’s notice.

5. ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30,000mAh 5-Port Power Bank – $48.00 (63% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Keep all your power bases covered at all times with the ZeroLemon ToughJuice, a durable battery that never lets you down. Its giant power store and QC 2.0 charging capabilities will fully charge an iPhone up to 10 times, an iPad twice or even take a MacBook from drained to fully charged, all on its own. With five different ports, you can charge up all of your devices at once.

6. DASH A: World’s Flattest Portable Speaker – $48.00 (75% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

No, the DASH A isn’t a speaker…it’s a full soundbar in an ultra-thin package that’s less than ¾” high. Just hook it up to any Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy dynamic sound from any tablet or smartphone for up to 10 hours. For everyone who’s ever complained about weak phone and tablet speakers, the DASH A is a powerful, resounding answer.

Under $100 (gifts for the family)

1. Nix Mini Color Sensor – $52 (47% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

For the artist or decorator on your list, here’s the gadget that’ll make color matching amazingly simple. It packs an existing color library of more than 28,000 brand name paint, RGB, HEX and CMYK colors, so you can simply scan any wall, fabric, dye or other source to find out the true color.

2. TRNDlabs Spectre Drone – $79.99 (46% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Meet the perfect beginner drone for your favorite budding pilot. Easy to learn, yet super-responsive, this drone’s 6-axis gyro sensitive controls will have flyers turning cool aerial tricks in minutes. The Spectre Drone is also packing an awesome HD camera, capable of capturing gorgeous mid-air photos and videos from up to 50 meters up.

3. RokBlok: The World’s Smallest Wireless Record Player – $71.20 (28% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Know someone with a ton of old albums? Only 2” by 4” long, the RokBlok can be easily placed on any record to start playing without the traditional bulky record player needed! Watch the block turn around the vinyl, reading the grooves and playing the music through its built-in speaker. You can even connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and you’ve got a brilliant record player—without the turntable.

4. KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location – $47.99 (20% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Over $100 (gifts for the nearest and dearest)

1. Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock – $135.29 (58% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Another way to solve the key problem? No keys at all. The Ultraloq UL3 is a door lock that can be programmed to open with a fingerprint or a code—or even your smartphone. Installable in minutes, the Ultraloq allows you to track who gets in, how they get in, and when they get in—to keep your home or office safe.

2. JS Innovations WiFi Smart Home Security Cameras – $125.60 (44% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

A full home security system no longer requires a ton of hardware and a cast of thousands to install. The JS EPEX is a simple, plug-and-play camera controllable via a smartphone. Turn the cam any direction, communicate using a built-in mic and speaker, get email notifications when the camera sensors are activated, and record HD video of everything happening in your home.

3. VEIU Mini Smart Video Doorbell – $119.99 (52% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

When you gift the VEIU smart video doorbell, you’re helping someone stand guard over their home even when they aren’t there. Through a smartphone app, this cloud-based video camera lets you watch who’s ringing your doorbell, talk with your visitors, and record the action outside your front door.

4. Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar – $224 (25% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

Don’t just give guitar lessons…give an entire guitar learning system (including its own smart guitar). With Jamstik+, your interactive video lessons and games help you learn chords and scales, get real-time, onscreen feedback on your progress, and turn novice players into guitar heroes quickly. It’s not often you can give someone a new skill, but with Jamstik+, they’ll be well on their way.

5. iKeyp Pro Safe – $100 (33% off) with coupon code: BFRIDAY20

It’s the world’s smartest personal safe for stashing small, yet critical valuables. Store vital documents, prescription medicine or any other important items safely inside, while still keeping it conveniently accessible. Enter a code into a smartphone or the built-in keypad to get in — or even use an old-school backup key. And if someone tries to get in without the code, an alert is sent to the owner’s phone. It’s sensible, high-tech security, at a very holiday-friendly price.