In a tear-jerking turn of events for the jailbreak community, both the ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti repositories have formally announced that they’ve closed their doors to new package submissions.

Both repositories have been “archived,” which means existing packages from each repository remain available to download from Cydia. On the other hand, developers who depended on ModMyi or ZodTTD/MacCiti to host their packages will need to choose a different Cydia repository for doing so going forward.

“You will still be able to access all your packages which you have previously purchased or downloaded and even those which you haven’t,” explained ModMy editor in chief Dennis Bednarz in a public statement. “The repository has been frozen in time, which means that everything will work the way it used to with the exception that uploading new packages will not be possible anymore.”

While this isn’t thrilling news for the jailbreak community, these changes irrefutably underscore a sign of the times. Hackers aren’t releasing iOS jailbreak tools as frequently as they once did, and consequently, fewer people jailbreak their devices today as opposed to many years ago.

Aligning with the withered user base, Cydia repositories don’t produce as much revenue as they once did, making it tougher for them to maintain themselves given the costs of doing so. Unfortunately, when the pot boils over, this happens.

On a more positive note for both jailbreakers and jailbreak tweak developers alike, Cydia’s BigBoss repository continues to accept and host both new and old packages. Optimo, one of the BigBoss repository’s primary maintainers, apprised the community about the matter on Twitter:

As it would seem, there are no plans for the BigBoss repository to close its doors anytime soon. While ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti opted to shut down slightly earlier, BigBoss will continue chugging along until it’s no longer financially possible to do so.

Are you sad to see some of Cydia’s default repositories go? Let us know about your thoughts regarding the current jailbreak situation in the comments section below.

  • I used to be so active on ModMyI. They changed a few years back and I stopped going there. Its such a shame to see them all go though. I remember when thebalzecompany was a big repo back in the Installer days. Oh how times have changed 🙁

    • big Rafa

      it’s such a shame to see them all go though?
      are you sure you are okay in your brain?
      what it’s wrong to shutdown when you are loosing money..
      did you contribute with something ?
      your just the example of how bad commenters are gone wrong on idb

      • Oh ffs Rafa, can you please just stop commenting? I get fed up with reporting you every time I see your posts.
        Yes, I’ve contributed things before. 2 themes and 1 collaboration app.

      • big Rafa

        lol.. cloud you stop crying like a baby and reporting comments like your life it’s depending on your pathetic comments here?
        report even this lol

      • Hmm, yep ^^ I’ve had a great day today. I’d rather not see your face. Thanks bye.

      • nathan stout

        Just so unnecessarily rude..

      • It’s a shame that this is a common thing. All he does is reply to my posts just to annoy me. I’m wondering how long it’ll be till his account gets suspended.

    • big Rafa

      such a shame lol

  • I am

    Truely sad what’s going on with Jailbreak world. I know we are all beggers at the end of the day being users of Jailbreak, so can’t complain anything.

    But it is sad that such a thriving community of creative developers and also creative users is on a downward path. I think slowly but surely I am marching towards an Android phone. iPhone is so ugly so boring and so not useful without jailbreak.

    I would even be ready to pay a small amount every month or one off for someone to bring jailbreaking back.

    • amarioguy

      The problem is, many people aren’t willing to give exploits for free, especially boot chain level ones.

  • Byambaa

    When Cydia is gone, there won’t be jailbreak anymore, because no use of jailbreak, which is happening now. And this will be the time, i won’t ever consider buying iOS devices, i just hate not being an administrator of my own devices. But Apple does not need to care about single customer and that is fine by me.

    • burge

      Apple do care about their customers that’s why there are so few jailbreaks now. The device/s are a lot more secure than they used to be.

      • Byambaa

        I meant, Apple won’t ever miss me. If they should care about me, they probably wondering, why there is a single iPad still does not update to the latest iOS, despite it’s very capable of running it haha.

      • burge

        Customers are always changing their devices, so one gone from IOS to android is another gone from android to iOS. Apple will not miss you as someone will take your place. And as for not updating a device that’s up to you and Apple will not be bothered if you don’t update it.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        Apple is the new Nokia down the road.

      • Byambaa

        No my friend, what percentage are the jailbreakers? less than 0.1 maybe? Even if all jailbreakers are gone, Apple won’t notice it.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        No my friend, I am referring to the fact that they are forcing customers to adapt to their devices as they see fit, we’ve had waterproof smartphones since 2013 and Apple implemented it years later. One the main problems I was constantly facing with my iPhone 7 was listening to music late night when my phone was low on charge. ‘Oh I’d have just gotten an wireless earphones’ Why should I be forced to do so?

      • burge

        What’s changed since the iPhone came out about this. It’s Apples device and they control how it operates and Apple will not loose out just because you can not customise it as it’s been like this since iPhone OS 1.

        And if your not happy about not being able to charge and listen with wired headphones why did you get the iPhone 7 knowing full well that’s how it works. Your contradicting yourself with your own purchases.

      • Rowan09

        I’m in both worlds and whatever you think your going to find with Samsung good luck friend.

      • Byambaa

        I don’t like Samsung at all, paid bash comments, dirty business tactics etc. There are dozens of other alternatives other than Samsung.

      • Rowan09

        Ok cool, but Android is Android. Some with a skin over it and some without, but the OS is pretty much all the same. Honestly they are a lot more alike than different now. It’s either Android or IOS there’s no more room for any other OS which is why windows mobile died.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        While pertaining the same old ugly iOS look. Just keep sliding your finger left and right your whole life with stock iOS. So effing ugly and useless.

      • burge

        So your saying your life is nothing without a jailbreak. You really need to get out more as there is more to life than a jailbroken iPhone.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        Lol the logic here is so pathetic, I am saying my PHONE not my LIFE is nothing without a jailbreak. Lol where do people like you derive their logic. LMAO

      • burge

        You are aware that jailbreaking is not a feature of the iPhone.

        Do you purchase a device because you might have the ability to jailbreak it and run none iOS tweaks on it ? If you do now that’s sad.

  • Todd Young

    Sadly, yes, jailbreaking is dead. Time to move on.

    • Iskren Donev

      Not quite dead yet, but it is becoming more and more of a niche activity.

    • big Rafa

      it’s almost pointless since ios 6 i guess

      • Cerberus The Wise

        Are you kidding? Jailbreaking has still been incredibly enticing even beyond iOS 7. The problem now is that it’s just not possible for most people now.

      • Not only not possible, Apple is finally catching up and adding the features to iOS.

      • I agree Cerberus – iOS 7’s total redesign gave jailbreak developers tons of new ideas to improve the aesthetic.

      • And without Jailbreak I’m pretty sure stock iOS (and maybe even Android) wouldn’t have some of the features they do today. The current iOS notification system is a copy of a Jailbreak tweak.

      • big Rafa

        your out of the point .. like usual.. the point was the the jailbreak is dead, not what benefit we had from it.

      • big Rafa

        well.. i said almost pointless .. i’m pretty sure you know better than me how cool and necessary was jailbreaking to have the perfect iphone . but after ios 6 there was not to much left to do in stock ios plus the community break up

      • big Rafa

        i said; almost pointless ..
        what’s wrong with that?
        even Saurik claimed that? and you know who is Saurik? the father of Cydia.. i think he know it’s business ..
        i know there are people like you who still want to live in the past but sadly the jailbreak is dead.
        used to be supercool, till ios 6 had even a community in the back.
        since ios 7 was just a chinese job

    • It’s so sad. We grew up on jailbreaking for years! It was a great ride!

  • Ian

    End of an era in the JB scene. What about your purchases? Any way to retrieve them? I don’t have a jailbroken phone at the moment but would hate to lose my stuff.

    • burge

      Did you read the article.

  • Steve Harold

    If only it was as easy and popular to jailbreak an iPhone as a Fire TV. I picked up a Fire tV on Black Friday just to jailbreak it. All of my non-tech friends have jail broken Fire Sticks. I always tried to convince them to jialbreak their iPhones but they never would. But for some reason Fire TV sticks are super popular to jailbreak (cough) piracy (cough).

    • Rowan09

      You can sideload apps from the web with IOS and do it yourself as well. Jailbreaking became less and less important once IOS added a lot of the features.

      • MMA Rules

        Exactly, now you can get the ++ apps without the jailbreak like YouTube++, etc.

    • Wtf is a jail broken fire stick??

      • Rowan09

        No such thing because you can no longer gain root access years now. He’s just speaking of side loading apks.

  • amarioguy

    This is what happens when people keep exploits to themselves and sell them to the highest bidder

    • MMA Rules

      But the problem is nobody wants to pay for or help the developers, the jailbreak community is cheap, they want everything for free! I said it once I will pay if they wanna charge for it but everyone started talking trash about it

  • andrei endriu

    Sad 🙁

  • Ronny Llerena

    Yeah, it’s really a shame, and I know there will be a lot of people moving to Samsung because the truth is if I can’t jailbreak iPhones or iPads the Stock apple devices are crap. I for one have NOT LIKED any of the crap on ios 11, so my present devices will definitely be my last ones. Apple and the junk they have put into ios 11 is NO where near to what can be done with a jailbroken device, it’s crap that they have blocked jailbreaking because, as for example if I buy a car and the dealer tells me I can’t put the rims or stereo that I want to, then I would tell them to go to hell. The devices BELONG TO WHOEVER BUYS THEM, so why can’t we put ours the way WE want? It’s just plain BULLSHIT.

    • Rowan09

      If you do certain things to your car you void your warranty this is no different. You do understand Apple is not specifically targeting jailbreaking your device, but instead closing security holes right? You can’t do whatever you want with your Samsung devices either, you don’t own the OS

  • Poporopo00

    And people says that jailbreak is not dead.

    Is dead for sure!

    Oh well…other than piracy stuff, is becoming useless.

  • Ronny Llerena

    How many hacks have you really heard of to an apple product JAILBROKEN or not. Come on think about it.

  • besrate hogsa

    jailbreak is dead as dead

  • MMA Rules

    I said jailbreaking was dead before and a couple of readers attacked me like a pack of wolfs, I used to jailbreak since the original iPhone until the 6s then everything became so hard then I got discouraged and stopped, now I don’t miss it anymore

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Good I ditched the new iPhones and went for S8.

    • racerhomie

      Good luck with that shitty device.
      No updates,no good security,essentially the same as a $200 Android phone. Hell even the $300 iPhone SE is faster than the S8.

  • Rahimo

    this is one of the worst news I’ve ever heard !! It was a really great ride ! I grew up with jailbreak! I still have Cydia on my iPad 3! especially these two repos!! SO SAD TO HEAR THIS !! 🙁

  • I think it’s time to say goodbye for the Jailbreak
    & in the same thing to stop updating for a new version of iOS , It’s time to inatall the Cydia by yourself i thing so