Two weeks ago, we ran a non-scientific poll asking you to specify which iPhone X model you’ve managed to purchase, and the results are now in.

TL;DR: more than half of the readers who voted gravitate towards pricier models.

About sixty percent of respondents said they snagged the higher-priced $1,149 version of iPhone X, which has larger 256GB storage, while the remaining forty percent went with the lower-priced $999 iPhone X model.

In terms of finish, nearly two-thirds of you (62.15%) went with the Space Gray color option while more than one-third of respondents (37.85%) opted for the Silver finish.

The poll is now closed, here are the results.

We also ran a similar poll ahead of iPhone X preorders that gauged early interest in the device, with nearly four in each ten respondents saying they planned on preordering their iPhone X in Silver and more than six out of each ten respondents wanting to opt for the Space Gray finish.

In terms of price, 57.55% of respondents told us they’d preorder the more expensive $1,149 Space Gray model, with 42.45% interested in preordering the entry-level $999 64GB model.

Your actual purchases practically mirror your buying intentions ahead of pre-orders with more than half of you who’ve bought an iPhone X opting for the higher-priced version.

So, which iPhone X did you purchase? And while we’re at it, have you managed to get your hands on the same model you planned on preordering?

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  • Juan Genao

    Im happy with my 64gb X, I had a 128 7 and really never used it. Unless you plan to have tons of media on your phone 64gb is the sweet spot for storage right now.

    • TwinSon

      I went with 64GB too. Turns out i was only use 35GB on my 128GB 7 Plus and 10 of that was just the OS. Coupled with my 256GB iPad Pro, I think i can live with 64.

  • :D

    The future is in the cloud. I only need about 25GB.

    • iKhalil

      Men, you should have a very good internet connection

  • burge

    Silver 64GB wanted ordered Space Gray 64GB two days latter change my mide cancelled the order and ordered a Silver 64GB. And I still get it on launch day because of the Space Gray bring the popular choice.

    I had a 256GB i7 and I didn’t use even 30GB of it.

  • Jamessmooth

    I’m never unhappy that I went big on storage. I am every once in awhile unhappy I didn’t get enough.