Jony Ive, Apple’s boss of all design across the company, and hardware engineering boss Dan Riccio sat down with TIME on Thursday to defend the controversial decision to ditch the familiar Home button in favor of touchscreen gestures on iPhone X.

On ditching the Home button:

There were these extraordinarily complex problems that needed to be solved. It’s not necessarily the most comfortable place to be in when you believe there’s a better way. Because that means moving on from something that has felt successful.

On iPhone X design:

There are certain things that you’re very conscious of as a user and other things that you’re aware of but subconsciously. Perhaps the subconscious example is just the nature of the way the display is integrated into the stainless steel and glass body.

“This phone really sets us up well for the next 10 years,” Riccio added.

Ive and Riccio say there’s a “clear vision” for what’s next from Apple. Or as Ive puts it, “This is just in some sense a completion of a chapter.”

On how Apple approaches solving a given problem:

Paying attention to what’s happened historically actually helps give you some faith that you are going to find a solution. Faith isn’t a surrogate for engineering competence, but it can certainly help fuel the belief that you’re going to find a solution. And that’s important.

On nixing the 3.5mm headphone jack:

I actually think the path of holding onto features that have been effective, the path of holding onto those whatever the cost, is a path that leads to failure. And in the short term, it’s the path the feels less risky and it’s the path that feels more secure.

Commenting on the iPhone X price, Ive said, “As you would expect, there’s a financial consequence to integrating the sheer amount of processing power into such a small device.”

“Our goal is always to provide what we think is the best product possible, not always the lowest cost,” Riccio added.

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Since being promoted to the Chief Design Officer position in May of 2015, Ive has focused on construction projects like the new Apple Park headquarters and Apple’s revamped retail stores.

He’s now more in charge of blue sky thinking and less of day to day management of the design team, a task he happily entrusts to Apple’s Vice President of Industrial Design Richard Howarth and Vice President of User Interface Design Alan Dye.

It was speculated that Ive is no longer directly involved with iPhone and Mac product design, but he’s still in charge of the look and feel of everything Apple produces, gadgets included.

Last week, Ive told Japanese design magazine Casa Brutus that it took Apple more than two years to develop iPhone X. Features like Face ID and the new TrueDepth camera system have made iPhone X the most difficult project the company has undertaken, Ive revealed.

TIME today published its annual unranked list of the top 25 inventions of the year and iPhone X has made the list, as did other products like the Halo Top low-calorie ice cream, the Jibo robot, 3D-printed Adidas shoes, a heated mug that keeps coffee warm, a multi-directional elevator, Tesla’s Model 3, DJI’s Spark drone and fidget spinners.

  • Zack Morris

    Am I the only one that reads his quotes in a British accent?

    • You’re not alone!

      I think I’m becoming mentally addicted to Ive’s great sounding marketing voice 😀

    • craig

      haha i too when looking over this and seeing his quotes was reading it in his slow english sounding voice ?

    • 9to5Slavery

      Rofl yes

  • Micky

    Lol this guy is fraud ever since Steve died he has not pushed any product designs to its limits.
    iPhone 6 to 8 same designs
    Macs same designs
    Apple TV same thing.
    Apple Watch square watch lol
    Thinner thinner thinner That’s all I hear. And the & plus gets heavier and thicker and same
    With the watches as well
    Horrible horrible horrible
    (Posted from my iPhone 8 Plus)

    • burge

      And yet you still purchased the 8+.

      • Micky

        I am Heavily invested in iOS and apple products. If it wasn’t for iOS i would have left apple behind this year.

      • burge

        Nothing was stopping you as you can change at any point. Ok you might need to purchase different items to replace items that don’t work with other devices but still it’s not impossible.

      • Micky

        My investment was stopping me as I clearly stated. Money doesn’t grow tree.

      • burge

        Never said it did, but this didn’t stop you from buying your way in to what I can only say is probably the most expensive ecosystem available.

      • Micky

        It’s not cheap at all to be In apples eco system. So I expect more from them they are charging a hefty price for ancient hardware in iPhone 8 and the plus and also no new innovations in iPhone X. Oled screen and Face ID type options have have been available on Android devices For a while
        Now. I posted before all apple has going for them now is iOS. They have fallen behind in terms of hardware innovation.

    • mav3rick

      He is best now at designing Christmas trees and dresses. Brought out from time to time to validate and get the crowd cheers for “innovations” by removing features and degrading user experience on idevices.

      • Micky

        Lol the funny thing is removed the home button but added a notch to the iPhone X and on top of that when you wanna enjoy the full screen of videos they zoom in which looses the picture around the corners and the top and bottom of the screen. Alson the notch gets in the way of full screen experience that’s not innovations.

      • burge

        As it’s a mobile phone it’s not really designed for long term viewing, I know I wouldn’t want to watch anything over 10/15 minuets on any phone.

      • techfreak23

        It’s funny that most of the people that complain about the notch have not used the phone for more than 10 minutes. It really isn’t as noticeable as most of these people think…

      • Micky

        Definitely used it for more then ten minutes and happily paid the restocking. To get out of highway robbery. Fast charge option but no fast charge included.

      • Bacillus

        Ive should be punished

      • burge

        Watch anything that you’ve zoomed in on will loose parts of what your watching this includes TV also. I don’t want to watch anything and have parts of what I’m watching cropped off.

      • Micky

        But I don’t need to zoom in on my iPad or my 8 plus or my tv like I had to on iPhone X. To me the X was garbage it was something apple put out in the market without finishing the product. Take one button out (Home)and three different gesture now. Swipe down right to get dash and swipe down from the left to see notifications lol hold the power and volume down or up for screen shots. The to turn the phone let’s not even go there. Where is the hardware and seemless software experience ? I can sit here counter argue everyday with you, you are not gonna get anywheres with it cause everything I’m stating is the truth apple has within the past 4years not cared about innovation their products they are more for share holders and stocks holders and not about consumer experience anymore. Last but not least the swipe up gesture To go to the home screen palm used that in the Webos first. Funny thing is apple pushed other companies to their best and they are doing a great job because of that but apple itself can’t push them selves to the limits because they just want profit and cash selling a 4 year old design in iPhone 8 for 949 please it’s should be cheaper then that.

  • This same list has the extremely limited Jibo in it which kind of kills its credibility.

  • Icebox766

    He’s got the wrong idea about the loss of the headphone jack. It’s not just a solution that worked in the past. There’s a huge decades long STANDARD that apple ditched. And for those who have audiophile equipment that abides by the standard and now requires a kludgy dongle to use, that’s a real pita. But of course, apple decides what’s best instead of users. Not a way to engender love for the company’s products.