Apple on Thursday published a new commercial for iPad Pro via its official YouTube channel.

Titled “What’s a Computer“ and running sixty seconds long, it challenges the definition of a PC whilst demonstrating various iPad Pro and iOS 11 productivity and multitasking features that make the Apple tablet a viable computer replacement for many people.

And here it is.

Song: “Go” by Louis The Child

“With iPad Pro + iOS 11, a post-PC world may be closer than you think,” reads the video’s description. The clip clearly follows Apple’s established concept which positions iPad Pro as the ultimate computer replacement.

I’ve generally been a big fan of iPad Pro advertising and think this video does a fine job of laying out the benefits of the tablet form factor in layman’s terms.

How do you like this ad?

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  • askep3

    Such a fantastic ad. It really shows the versatility and power of the iPad. I’ve already replaced my MacBook with an iPad Pro with keyboard and it replaces my need for a traditional pc for 99% of things other than gaming, for which I have a windows desktop. Apart from that type of usage, I can use it in more places than even a laptop, for the same purposes. Barring that, I can always use it as an iPad for media and entertainment!

  • diggitydang

    This could be the case for the casual user. I’m in the creative field (corporate design) and the iPad Pro (which I have) doesn’t cut it. I find myself wishing it did more, and needing my laptop for specific tasks far too often to cal this a laptop replacement. That said, for casual users, sure.

    • Shinonuke

      I am not sure if I agree. It can go as far as business users as well. Obviously, iPad Pro aren’t able to outperform laptops but it is able to a lot of amazing things. In a hospital setting, iPad Pro and Surface Pro provides more portability than laptops

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    If it’s a tablet, a phone, a music player etc, it’s a computer. It calculates and computes data.

    • Juniors234


    • Shinonuke

      Based on what you said then the ad is talking about a computer called an iPad.

    • Byambaa

      Calculators calculate and compute data, but they aren’t computer.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Believe it or not, a calculator is a traditional computer. The first computer was only able to calculate numbers. Computers have advanced since then and options opened up, but just because you cannot create programs on a calculator doesn’t mean it wasn’t a computer.

      • Urname

        My TI-83 begs to differ.

  • czbird

    It’s never gonna be a computer unless it allows the user to compile and run their own code. Period. Oh and yes, I like my iPad mini a lot..

  • StarShootex

    As someone who engineers audio for a living, the iPad Pro actually offers me more versatility when it comes to creativity. With iOS 11, I can now download the simplest of keyboard apps, record the screen as I play in the melody, and just like that – I’ve got my idea down; when before I bought my iPad, I was carrying my Macbook around.

    So has the iPad Pro replaced my laptop? Yes. For what I do, an iPad offers a touchscreen which is more beneficial than trying to rapid record a piano line on a Macbook.

    Will the iPad Pro replace my DESKtop? No – and it never will. An iPad is an iPad and a desktop is a desktop. They’re as separate as they can be – But for the majority of everyday users, I feel like the lines between an iPad Pro and a laptop are starting to blur.

  • 919263

    “What’s a computer?”……

    noun: computer; plural noun: computers
    electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary
    form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.

    Apple Fail……. LOL…

    • :D

      Apple never said it’s not a computer. The kid didn’t even say it.

      • 919263

        OK, Take the AIR PODS out of your ears.. watch the ad again… Some “Apple Tarts” are just that… LOL

  • Manu Hübi

    A computer!For me its an powerful machine like my Gaming Desktop!
    Apple means they can face laptops…ok…but Laptops can do mutch more!Mutch more than a jailed Apple device lol…
    I use iphones since 3Gs BUT ONLY JAILBROKEN!because i want to use the full power of their devices and the ability to customize,Personalize.
    But finally i NEVER give up my COMPUTER…not for a ipad ?… Never!