Some folks are complaining about YouTube for iPhone and iPad draining their battery excessively, even when the app is running in the background, causing the device to overheat.

Following user complaints on Reddit, Twitter and the official YouTube forum, technology blog PiunikaWeb was first to cover the issue. The site speculates that the YouTube app might have some issues on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 11, causing them to overheat and drain the battery when playing back video.

The excessive battery drain on an affected device can be confirmed by going to Settings → Battery, where the YouTube app may be listed as the main culprit behind this issue. User reports indicate that this is mainly affecting iOS devices running iOS 11.1.1 or later.

The YouTube team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. “This is something we’re actively working on,” YouTube wrote on Twitter. “Thanks for your patience.”

There’s no information as to how long it will take to fix the problem. For what it’s worth, YouTube for iOS was updated this morning with unspecified bug fixes. You can work around this issue by opening video pages from the YouTube app in the Safari browser.

Are you experiencing excessive battery drain when using YouTube for iOS?

Let us know by posting a comment below.

  • AOGV
  • Alejandro Delgado

    Weird, I’m certain I’ve used YouTube quite a lot in the last 24 hours and it doesn’t even show up there.
    However, it does show in the “Last 7 days” thing with about 4.8 hours on screen time and 34 minutes in background.

  • Jose Rivera

    I knew something was iffy because when I’m using my phone to queue up videos on my smart TV and then put it to sleep, it’ll feel warm while just sitting there with the screen off and YouTube in the background. So looks like my assumptions were right!

  • Federico Bechini

    Yes not battery drain but overheating every time waching a video! I didn’t know if is normal or not!
    I just bought iPhone 7 plus 2 weeks ago (first time ios user.)

  • Boomer0127

    watched 3 videos this morning on my SE (11.1) before work, total time 6 minutes, noticed battery life dropped from 100 to 77%. 1.5 hr carpool, no use at all, battery down to 44%. Quit all apps including youtube, battery holding at 40% 3 hours later. Didn’t even know this was an issue, thanks for posting!

  • pnh

    Why does Facebook get a pass on the ridiculous amount of battery drain it causes?

  • Ronny Llerena

    Ios 11 is the crappiest version of ios iv’e ever had, they fix one thing and screw up another, Iv’e tried downgrading to the different versions and betas and they are all crap. Maybe it’s time to switch over to Samsung, never had any issues there, plus we can root it. If there is never any jailbreak from here on in, Apple isn’t worth the bother. The only reason I have ever bought an Apple product was because they could be jailbroken but now as they come out of the box no good.

    • Federico Bechini

      in Samsung you can’t have the latest version on Android, only in Pixel.

  • Gerard Martinez

    An issue I’m having in my iPhone X, running 11.1.1, is when I’m watching a video in landscape mode it still shows the tops of the next videos at the bottom of the screen. Or is this normal?

  • Stanley Chen

    It’s been happening to me since 11.1 on my iPhone 7 Plus

  • doofus

    iOS = SOS
    Probably time to go android and have root access..?

  • Blue_Ringing

    i dont know utube problem or ios problem , sometimes when i try running utube , my homescreen will freeze , i have to reset my phone using home + power button .

    its very rarely to happen .. i notice after update 11.0.3 .. now im using 11.1.1 , still same thing

    it happen when i put utube on the folder , theres also other apps i put on the folder , but only happen when try running utube …. now i try put utube back on main screen , seem looks ok , no problem at this time

    iphone 6s