Can’t stand that notch at the very top of the iPhone X display? I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I find the notch to be a rather cute design element. Understandably, some folks may deem it visually distracting. If you’d like to conceal the notch, there’s now an app for that, too!

Enter Notch Remover

An app app aptly named Notch Remover by Axiem Systems claims to help hide the notch area on the Lock and Home screen of your iPhone X. What this app does is take an image you choose from your library and resize it to the iPhone X wallpaper format while adding a black bar across the top to make the notch visually indistinguishable from the left and right “ear”.

The app then saves the wallpaper image to your Camera roll, allowing you to set it as your Lock or Home screen wallpaper in Settings → Wallpaper. This has the effect of basically concealing the notch on the Lock and Home screen. The notch is still present in apps you use and there’s no way around that, but this app is certainly a clever way to conceal it.

How to hide iPhone X notch with Notch Remover

1) Download Notch Remover from App Store.

2) Launch Notch Remover on your iPhone X

3) Tap Select Image.

4) Browse the images in your Camera roll and select one to use as a wallpaper.

5) Tap Save to store the converted wallpaper image in your Photos library.

6) Go to Settings → Wallpaper → Choose New Wallpaper.

7) Select your new wallpaper, then zoom in or out so that the black bar displays correctly.

8) Tap Set, then choose Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen or Set Both.

Surprisingly enough, Notch Remover was approved by Apple.

Apple’s been encouraging its developers to embrace the notch, with its developer guidelines advising against attempting to hide the device’s rounded corners, sensor housing or indicator for accessing the Home screen “by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.”

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  • ready1take1

    “In fact, I find the notch to be a rather cute design element.”

    Oh, so Christian is the guy in line in the new Samsung ad!

  • Greg

    Nice idea but they want a dollar to crop a photo? Give me a break.

    • therealjjohnson

      Worth a buck…

    • big Rafa

      omg … its just a dollar

    • Tamahome5555

      Why spend $1000 on iPhone if you can’t afford $1 app?

      • Greg

        Thanks though for your thought provoking response.

  • Dollar upcharge? No thanks. Capitalizing short term on an app that will probably be removed from the Apple Store shortly because it hides the notch is smart for the dev, but not for me as the consumer.

  • burge

    Why purchase the X if you can not except the way it is. To go changing a wallpaper just to hide this element kind of makes getting the X not the device for you and perhaps you should of got the 8/8+ I seen this app yesterday and just thought “why”

  • I don’t like and don’t understand the notch the way it’s being used. I think that in terms of design, looks much better with this tweak. I hope that someone at Apple change this and use the notch in a more useful way.

    • burge

      So putting a camera, speaker and other elements in there is not useful. Apple didn’t just think will put a notch in the display for the fun of it.

      • therealjjohnson

        I think he means the the area should be all black and leave the screen under it. Keep the internals, change how its displayed.

      • burge

        Th areas of the display around the notch only hold status bar stuff and it’s not an issue at all. If this area is causing an issue for anyone who doesn’t like the shape then you don’t go and purchase the X you purchase one of the other iPhones.

      • livin1965

        Your comment is the equivalent of saying if you don’t like everything about a country you should just move to another country. Disliking one aspect of anything is hardly a reason to completely avoid it. However, I’ll try your logic back at you… If you don’t like every comment posted in these forums you should just stop using them.

      • burge

        Not at all. It’s a phone for a start and it will always have this look. Changing that look so it looks like it’s predecessors kind of defeats the object of getting the X in the first place when the iPhone 8 is practically the same phone but in a different form factor so why not just get that if you don’t like the look of the X.

      • livin1965

        I’m fine with look of my iPhone X as is, so I’m not invested one way or the other. Your argument, that removing the notch on the lockscreen or home screen wallpaper is somehow equivalent to making it “look like its predecessors”, is absurd. There are so many other design and interface elements of the iPhone X that so obviously differentiate it from previous models, it seems you are simply looking for an opportunity to criticize other people… and with an absurdly weak argument at that. Regardless, trolling around here telling people what device they should be using because they prefer to alter one single aspect of it’s “aesthetics” you are so fond of us is immature and sophomoric. Please find better things to contribute to the world.

      • burge

        So you’re saying that hiding the notch is not an attempt at hiding the way the device looks. Go purchase an 8 if you want your X to look like it as the notch there to stay and you’ll save some cash in the process.

      • livin1965

        It’s more than extreme for you to call using an app to remove the background wallpaper from the notch area of the lock screen and home screen “hiding the way the device looks”. Modifying one element of the way the device looks… yes. Your distorted, extreme, and overreaching perception… no. But, thanks for the giant headline that hiding the wallpaper background in the notch of an iPhone X magically transforms it into an iPhone 8… Oh yeah, except for the iPhone X’s larger more pixel dense OLED screen, new interface, larger capacity battery, dual wide angle and telephoto rear camera, truDepth front camera, and of course that tiny little feature called Face ID. But, yeah, other than those things removing the notch makes an iPhone X exactly the same as an iPhone 8. Please be sure to alert the mainstream media, as they always on the lookout for “breaking news”.

      • burge

        Wow you’re really upset aren’t you. My god it’s just a phone and your slightly overreacting don’t think.

      • livin1965

        You didn’t say those words, but that is exactly the message you are trying to send to people repeatedly in this thread. You are telling people that there is no point in buying an iPhone X if they don’t like the notch and should get an iPhone 8 instead. That is exactly the same thing as comparing a notch-free iPhone X to an iPhone 8. And what is inside the iPhone is exactly the point, because in the case of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 there are some significant differences, which you either don’t know or are intentionally overlooking in an attempt to mislead people and bolster your paper-thin argument. I think most reasonable people would agree there are far more differences than just a notch, which your reductionistic and concrete thinking doesn’t seem to grasp. Keep working on it, perhaps it will sink in for you eventually.

      • burge

        how do you come to that conclusion ? At no point have I mentioned internals of the device. You brought that into conversation, I mentioned looks at no point have I mentioned hardware.

        Your reading what I’ve put and totally misunderstood what Ive put.

        So before I say anything else that you then think it implies something else I’ll leave it here.

        Have a good day.

        ( that means goodbye).

      • livin1965

        Anyone reading your posts to this article (which seem more intended as a vehicle for you to make smarta** comments and give unsolicited advice rather rather than actually contribute meaningfully to conversation) can see that you are obviously stating that an iPhone X without a notch is the same as an iPhone 8. Claim that “at no point have I mentioned internals” is hogwash. All iPhones have internals and you are, not once, but repeatedly advising people that don’t like the notch in an iPhone X to get an iPhone 8 because they would end up with the same product. The fact is that your comments weren’t meant to thoughtfully contribute to anything, were poorly thought out, and are utter nonsense. There is no misinterpretation on my part, only an awkward attempt to backpedal on your part. Please think about more constructive ways to contribute to these forums before spouting off more nonsense in the future.

      • livin1965

        And your last question is merely an attempt to set up a false argument. I see no posts by people saying the iPhone X is something they “don’t like visually”. They are saying ONE element of the visual aspect is something they’d like to change. This is hardly the same as the extreme, all-or-none idea that you are attempting to perpetuate in all your posts in this thread. A more reasoned and applicable question would be “do people ever purchase things that about which they like most aspects, but not all aspects”. The answer to that question is yes.

  • Redbullka
  • David J Delgado

    $1 to have an app crop the photo, or do it yourself in the Photos app on iPhone for free. Tough choice…

    • therealjjohnson

      Its actually not cropping the photo.If you just cropped it the top would still have a notch.

    • AN00S

      It is not crop,, they add a black bar to the top of the photo 😉