Apple competitors such as Microsoft and Samsung have a history of poking fun at Apple and its products, and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella continues this trend in a recent talk with TechRadar.

Nadella is currently touring various locations around the globe to promote his new book Hit Refresh. This new literary offering from Nadella chronicles his journey as the head of Microsoft and his quest to refresh the company’s image.

As Nadella was visiting India as part of his tour, Sahil Mohan Gupta and a colleague had a chance to speak with him on behalf of TechRadar. Gupta recalls Nadella remarking: “You need to get a real computer, my friend.” upon his noticing Gupta and his colleague sporting iPads for the interview.

This sort of subtle jab is an unsurprising and playful remark from Nadella who looks to continue to redefine Microsoft’s image as he and the company have done in recent years. Recent products such as the Surface Tablet, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop have drawn considerable interest from consumers signaling a potential return to prominence for the tech giant. Microsoft seems to be on the rise, and CEO Nadella seems to be confident in his company’s future.

What do you think of Nadella’s subtle quip about Apple’s tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TechRadar

  • Byambaa

    He said an ugly truth for the ipad users. can you write and compile a code on an ipad? just any? then it’s not a real computer, it’s just a device with a limited functionality, like calculators.

    • Rowan09

      Yes you actually can my friend ever heard of Textastic? Regardless if your definition of a computer means coding, then what happens when people have no need to code? The iPad today is more like a computer than not. Microsoft Surface Pros are not the number 1 selling windows pc and Windows big issue is the OS, it’s garbage. I can’t tell you how many computers (brand new) that it messed up, whether they’re slow as hell, unresponsive, etc in my church. If the person he was speaking to got a Mac that still wouldn’t mean only Windows Pc makes a real computer.

      • Byambaa

        We call a calculator a calculator, not a computer despite it clearly computes something. If something wants to be named a computer or wants to replace the computer, it should be capable of doing the things what the classic computers can do, no matter the owner only will surf facebook and won’t do anything else.

      • therealjjohnson

        Classic computers play Oregon Trail. Check.

      • Byambaa

        Checked. Is not available for iOS.
        Joke, please don’t chase words i wrote. English is not my primary, not even secondary language. 😀

      • therealjjohnson

        I don’t know what you mean by “don’t chase the words i wrote”. I do understand there may be a language barrier. Good day to you!

      • Byambaa


  • burge

    Yes they do need to get a real computer can I recommend a Mac book. Not knowing the difference between a tablet and recommending a computer was the perfect time so point this out. Why didn’t they.

  • Meatloafers

    why hate each other? i have a monster pc, an ipad pro, and an android phone.

    • Byambaa

      Same here, a monster pc (from 5 years ago, but still does its job wonderfully, no slowdown, no virus in sight, of what people always complain), and an ipad (wonderful device specially for traveling) and an android phone (what i find truly beautiful is, when i got a super duper song on my computer, i can copy it to my native android filesystem in one second without even connecting it to the pc (no internet traffic required like cloud) and it’s available to any player on the android. i was so tired of ios’ syncing through itunes, which takes ages, specially when i was in hurry, god this just sucks).

    • paresh

      this is what people need to understand about technology. each company is trying to one up each other, showing ad’s that take the piss out of each other, and us users claiming that x is better then y.
      EACH device is designed/setup (by the user) for its intended use.
      i have a Dell laptop, an iPhone 6s Plus and an old Samsung Tablet.
      i can do all my work and personal stuff on each device with ease. if i was to switch my iPhone to a Android, i will STILL be able to do my work/personal stuff with ease.
      and of course things like moving music from my laptop to the iPhone requires slow iTunes but I PERSONALLY use spotify for my music so the idea of transferring music is useless to me.
      so if your lifestyle requires to have iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Music, CarPlay then good for you thats YOUR lifestyle not mine.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    Windows is still utter garbage, you couldn’t pay me to use that stuff. The iPad Pro is actually a great pc replacement for all my needs now. It does everything I need for a full college load better than my MacBook can.

  • askep3

    Man this just shows the culture at Microsoft. The PC and even laptop is dying, while iPads continue to sell better, but Microsoft is so stuck in their own ways that they refuse to accept this.

  • The bottom line is the iPad is not a computer and unless they throw OSX on it, it never will be. I’m sure Nadella was just throwing a subtle jab their way for using an iPad when he’s the CEO of Microsoft, but to each his own. I’ll admit, the Surface fills the void between an iPad Pro and a MacBook rather nicely, but for those of us who care about remaining in the Apple ecosystem there is no proper solution. iPads have gained more powerful apps due to companies like Microsoft and Adobe, which draws it closer to a PC replacement, but that’s the extent of it (for now).

  • nonchalont

    I believe there’s two categories now. Some people want ease of use with simple limited apps to get the job done such as an iPad. Now computers are for the hardcore “geek bench” ….some users who had a “real” computer only used it for simplicity such as paying bills, some games and surfing the web. A real computer is really not needed anymore unless you like hosting servers, and doing hardcore gangsta computer stuff etc. ?

    • burge

      I gave up on a iPad and got a MacBook as it offers more than just apps and your not confined to the App Store.

  • therealjjohnson

    Is the $250 HP they sell at Walmart a real computer when compared to the top gaming PC by Razor? Depends on who you ask. This is much to do about nothing. They are both computers. Just as an iPad is a computer. Different computers do different stuff. You tailor the specs to what you need.

    Get over yourselves. Just because you code that doesnt make you some special class. Folks have shot and edited whole movies on iPads and iPhones. Its a computer. And a camera. And a video camera. And a phone.

    • Mike

      tablet is more like a huge iphone. Once you can start installing dmg files on tablets that will be the day.

      • therealjjohnson

        A dmg isn’t the only type of file in the world. All other files count too.

  • Jurassic

    Yeah! Get a “real” computer…

    One (Like MS Windows) that has:

    – Tens of thousands of viruses and other forms of Malware
    – Has a very fragmented user base, with the majority of users NOT using the latest version of the operating system
    – Doesn’t have a popular smartphone equivalent, to easily share apps and data
    – Doesn’t work seamlessly with Mac computers, using Continuity and Handoff
    – Doesn’t have an App Store with millions of high quality multi-touch apps
    – Uses thick, heavy “tablets” that don’t have much in the way of real tablet apps
    – Is a computer that you CAN’T walk into any of hundreds of stores, to get fast and efficient support when you need it

    … One of THOSE types of “real” computers! ?

    • Mike

      1. Getting viruses on a computer isn’t that easy… You just need a brain and need to know what you are installing. Most ways people get a virus is by torrents and the usually person doesn’t torrent but people that do know the difference between a virus and an actually program.

      2. Using the latest OS is not always the best. Right now on my Macbook Pro I’m using El Captian 10.11.6.

      3. You can share apps and data via websites, programs, and etc.

      4. Same as above…

      5. Windows has a bunch of programs that macs don’t have.

      6. Some laptops/tablets are just as light and thin

      7. You can’t just walk into an apple store for support. If you live in a busy city like Houston you will have to wait up to 3 days just to get an appointment for service.

      Both windows and macs have their benefits and downfalls but it depends on the person using them. I have a macbook pro 2015 which is good but also freezes, hdmi doesn’t output sound, and other stuff.

      • Edgar Filipe

        Well have you thought that all your mac related problems might be because you AREN’T on the latest OS? I also have a MacBook Pro 2015 and I’ve always updated it to the latest OS and I’ve never had any problems (hardware or software related). Actually since Sierra I haven’t heard my fan as much as in the past and my Mac stays cool without any problem. In top of that, I am a mac user since 2011 and I never had to force shut down my mac because of freezing in opposition to windows where I basically get so many user error alerts everyday.
        However, it’s true that the hardware on the newest microsoft surface book 2 (hybrid laptop) that windows presented this year is incredible great and I absolutely want my screen to be foldable and to have a pencil (much easier for me as an engineering to write my mathematical notes on my mac, because today I need two devices my main mac and my iPad which is touchscreen) But I won’t buy a windows product as my daily device, because the eco-system (iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Music, CarPlay) everything works simply great together.
        Sorry that I deviate from my main answer. I actually wanted you to say to update your mac haha

    • Edgar Filipe

      You forgot to add battery life, seriously iDevices (iPhone, iPad) have an incredible battery life even while using it and on standby they basically last forever