Some iPhone X owners are reportedly seeing an annoyingly distracting green line developing spontaneously on the handset’s Super Retina display, indicating a possible hardware defect.

As MacRumors reported Friday, at least 20 customers have shared photos of this display problem across the Apple Support Communities, Twitter and MacRumors’ discussion forums.

As evidenced by the images, the green line can be seen running vertically across the entire right side of the phone’s screen, but can also show elsewhere on the display. None of the affected units have shipped with a defective screen—the green line developed spontaneously after some period of usage in normal conditions.

Restarting or restoring the device doesn’t solve the issue.

Furthermore, this doesn’t appear to be limited to specific iPhone X models or locations. Given the sample size, this is likely a hardware defect so Apple should replace those units free of charge, according to the affected customers who have contacted the company.

“Apple also appears to be collecting data from the incidents so that its engineers can investigate the matter, as it routinely does with any potential hardware or software issues,” notes MacRumors.

Thankfully, I’m not seeing any green lines on my iPhone X.

Has your iPhone X exhibited this issue?

Have you heard anyone you know complain about this problem?

Let us know in the comments section!

Images: Twitter users mix0mat0sis‏, MACinCLE, Nate Heagy‏ and MacRumors user irusli9‏

  • websyndicate

    Line Gate.

    • Iskren Donev


      • websyndicate


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  • CuBoy531

    Nope. I have Perfect Gate so far

  • Riccardo Bello

    Nope. No iPhone X so far.

  • Iskren Donev

    And **that** is why you do not buy a 1st generation product. You are essentially signing up to be a beta tester of the cool new hardware features.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree. Nothing about iPhone X screams a beta product, unlike with, say, the original Apple Watch that truly was an Apple beta product if I ever saw one.

      Those kinds of issues are to be expected when you need to manufacture millions of devices reliably, so some defects do happen. The sample size is too small at this point to say that Apple has a manufacturing issue on its hand.

      Apple will replace those units for free, no questions asked, just like they did with prior iPhones that suffered from similar defects.

      • Iskren Donev

        I totally get where you are coming from. Apple does sell a ton of devices. However iPhone X is very recent and there aren’t *that* many handsets in the wild yet. When you combine this with the number of faults (at least 20) I personally don’t feel comfortable brushing this off.

        Normally when it comes to Apple defects, I’m used to seeing 2-3 incidents, maybe 5 or 10. 20 just seems much more significant to me. It’s nowhere near the scale of the Note 7 debacle, but it’s still troubling, at least for me.

      • Alexander S

        The biggest issue with 1 Gen Apple Watch was/is swollen batteries. They started happening earlier this year and I had it happen to me 2 weeks ago. Apple had to extend the warranty to 3 years on 1 gen’s for this specific issue. The issue does not manifest itself right away though.

      • czbird

        20 out of about 10M produced? Seems just fine…

      • Mark Sheldon

        Banding on watch

    • JulianZH

      If google Pixel is “beta”, pixel 2 should be called pre-beta or alpha haha

    • Juniors234

      Nothing wrong with it being 1st generation, however the issue is when people rush out like demons from hell to purchase it within hours of it being announced. As always, i bet if you buy an iPhone X 4-6 months later, you will more than likely not experience any of these issues. Apple is under pressure to produce as many units as they can. As time passes, demand for the device lessens. So what if Apple replaces the defective units for free? How would you feel if you “just” so happened to be the unlucky guy who gets a second defective unit? I’m sure the experience of getting the new iPhone X will not seem that great after all. When the prices drop a bit, and most software and hardware issues are resolved, i’ll old onto my trusty iPhone 7 Plus for now and pick up an iPhone X next year on sale! I have seen and used the X myself for a few times and it is a great phone, but honest honestly, i can’t justify the jump from my 7 Plus atm. It feels simply like iOS 11 on a bigger screen and a nicer body.But that’s about it.

      • czbird

        You don’t know what you’re missing 🙂

    • Rook HD

      life is fast, bro. If someone likes something, do it. Wait and you will wait forever. Miss out a lot of things too.

    • Mark Sheldon

      Like it hurt enyone they get replaced and the world dosnt bat an eye you sound like a wussy witg a p

  • Mark S

    It’s the latest water intrusion detector. Can fool the genius now.

  • Jay

    Sabatoge by samsung…

  • keith


  • n0ahcruz3

    I guess i wont be beta testing the X after all ? i’ll wait for the “good batch” or maybe the X2 or XI or 11 whatever they wanna call it ?

  • marius

    If google Pixel is “beta”, pixel 2 should be called pre-beta or alpha haha

  • ElephantLeg

    Nope. No iPhone X so far.

  • besrate hogsa

    I will get mine on December 1st
    It better not have any hardware issues

    • JD_26

      It will

  • Has anyone try to replace a new display to fix the green line issue? Get iPhone repair parts in Etradesupply.

  • Jake Segundo

    Look, people, Apple is a great company that makes great products. However, this is the first time they use OLED screens. Samsung’s been using OLED screens for about 10 years now. But Apple wanted to have their own technology etc. to make the screen look better than even Samsung can make it look. No matter how good you are, your first time for AnyThing, you’re going to have surprises. Apple can be better than Samsung in lots of ways – but not at putting great looking OLED screens on phones, in one try.

  • Sofie Kofoed

    i have a green line on my iphone x, and its annoying