Apple on Thursday released iOS 11.1.1 update for iPhones and iPads. Today’s update comes a little over a week after iOS 11.1 was pushed out to the public, and it fixes two significant bugs that have been impacting a large number of users: Hey Siri randomly stops working and an issue with keyboard auto-correct. 

Users affected by the auto-correct bug will be glad it’s finally fixed. The bug causes the letter “I” to auto-correct to “A[?],” causing confusion for folks sending text messages and posting on social media. The bug had become so prominent, in fact, that it had begun spawning memes and other jokes online.

If we spot any other notable changes in today’s update, we’ll let you know. To install 11.1.1 on your own device, navigate to the Settings app > General > Software Update. Apple has also recently begun seeding iOS 11.2 betas to developers and public testers with support for Apple Pay Cash and other new features.

  • franco4785

    Rejoice and be glad! LMAO

    • TechnoBuff

      Suffice it to say. releasing 1 update a week seems to be the norm these days with Apple!! Especially for supposedly minor bugs!

  • triggerhappypunk

    Don’t update if you want to jailbreak!

    • David Gow

      And when is the jailbreak coming?

      • Arjan Vlek

        When the world – as we currently know it – has come to an end…

      • triggerhappypunk

        Actually, it’s the day after that.

    • Chris Ryan

      anyone able to save blobs for iOS 11? i keep getting errors when using tss server

  • KG

    Finally the “Hey Siri” bug is addressed.. DAMN!

  • Bacillus

    Tim: Craig did we fix the calculator bug ?
    Craig: Sure, Will bring out the fix in the next 1 + 0 = 2 releases from now

  • Dann

    Edge pull to switch apps is back!

    • techfreak23

      That came back with 11.1…

      • Juniors234


  • techfreak23

    I wonder if they fixed the issues with the side button. I’ve been having an issue where when I go to wake the screen with it, the screen stays off. If I click it again, no matter how long after, it brings up Apple Pay. Even if I tap to wake my screen after that first failed click of the side button and I click it to turn the screen off, it still brings up Apple Pay. Anyone else experiencing this…?

  • Is anyone else having an issue installing this? I got my X on the 3rd and when setting it up I did a restore of my old 6s Plus onto it to load apps. Everything’s been fine but on the update screen “Install Now” is grayed out with a message below it saying “You can install this update when your iPhone is finished restoring from the iCloud backup.”… which I had assumed it finished 6 days ago.

    • Luke Pruitt

      Yeah I had the same. Go into settings>icloud>backup and there’s the button to stop restore, hit that and the phone will update to 11.1.1

      • Thank you Luke… I thought I had looked there but must have missed it… I went as far as rebooting multiple times but now it’s working properly.

  • Shingo

    11.1 to 11.1.1 over OTA is ok? or should i full restore?

  • triggerhappypunk

    A[?] don’t have this problem, so do A[?] still need to update?

  • Luke Pruitt

    Calculator not fixed, next release maybe ?

  • Austin

    they fixed i not now my phone when i type i.t i.t corrects with the period in between ugh!!!