Despite Apple’s claims that the iPhone X is built with glass among the most durable ever used in mobile devices, numerous drop tests have confirmed that glass, as it has always had a habit of doing, still breaks relatively easily. In a recent informational video/advertisement, Squaretrade claims that the iPhone X is the most breakable phone Apple has ever produced.

The tests

It is important to note that Squaretrade is a company within the Allstate family that offers protection plans on electronic devices and appliances. The recently released video cites results from a variety of drop tests conducted by testers at Squaretrade.

The tests consisted of a 6 foot side drop test, 6 foot face down drop test, a 6 foot back down drop test, and a 60 second tumble test. As you can see below, the results of these various drop tests are not encouraging.

Well deserved skepticism, but be conscientious

You may be thinking that a 6 foot drop is a higher drop than the typical accidental drop, and you would be correct in your skepticism. The typical pocket or chest height drop will be quite shorter than 6 feet for most iPhone X users, and this is definitely something to consider.

Squaretrade also notes significantly higher repair costs compared to past iPhone due to a comparatively more complex internal design and build. This fact combined with the results of the previously mentioned drop tests leads Squarespace to make the following statement:

The most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair iPhone, ever.

This is definitely a statement worth considering, but you may have a right to be skeptical based on Squaretrade’s intentions. As previously mentioned, Squaretrade’s business is selling protection plans for devices such as the iPhone X. You would be correct in believing it would benefit them for you to believe the newest iPhone is very fragile. This is definitely something to consider.

I would, however, suggest that regardless of what you believe Squaretrade’s motives are you consider the increased fragility of a glass-backed iPhone compared to an aluminum-backed iPhone. I would strongly advise you to consider your past history with your devices while carefully considering whether or not to protect your pricey iPhone investment with either a case or a protection plan.

Do you plan on using your iPhone X with a case or protection plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • triggerhappypunk

    When the pimp’s in the crib ma…

    • White Michael Jackson

      Drop it like its hot (three times)

  • Vinnie Bones

    Haha *drops phone* “my left kidney!!”

  • Thiago Vg

    And the ugliest.

  • Fanboy 

    I’m using my iPhone X without a case and don’t plan on getting one. Would much rather enjoy the premium feel & look of the device in my hand! Paid good money for it might as well enjoy it.

    • Juniors234

      Put a case on! Your “enjoyment” will be short lived when one day you shatter both the front and rear glass. Don’t be the guy that buys a $1000 phone it is broken in less than a month. Unless of course you have top notch phone insurance that covers that kind of thing.

      • Fanboy 

        Insurance with my carrier is $9/month and covers everything lol. I’m enjoying my X 🙂

      • askep3


      • Fanboy 


  • Jerry

    And the ugliest.

  • Yeah that video is dumb. Of course a glass phone is gonna shatter when you slam it into concrete. The device SquareTrade uses to test the phone drop looks like it’s slamming it into the ground. Lol. Obviously they have an incentive to make every phone seem very likely to break because they sell protection plans for mobile devices. So I’d take their “tests” with a grain of salt.

  • Manu70

    The iPhone 4 was the most breakable iPhone ever imo but it was easy and cheap to repair. An aftermarket screen replacement would be likely over $150 for the iPhone X if you do it yourself. It was under $50 for the iPhone 4. Now for the back glass, it was $10 and a 1 minute repair on the iPhone 4 and a whole different story on the iPhone X.

  • 8lias

    From a company that sells you insurance, it’s safe to say you can fully trust their reason.

  • Jose

    Same with everything Apple pro. Strange

    • Richard Häggblom

      Thats the same person, on twitter he is phonerebel and youtube everythingapplepro 🙂

      He also got the face id failure from his drop tests tho. So thats to consider

  • Rowan09

    It’s glass no surprise.