Before Apple opened iPhone X preorders, we ran a little poll gauging purchase intentions and more than half the respondents said they’d opt for a Space Gray over a Silver model.

Now that iPhone X has officially launched, we’d like to run a similar non-scientific poll to see which iPhone X model you have actually managed to get your hands on.

It will definitely be interesting seeing whether the results of this poll are markedly different from the previous, but please don’t vote unless you have an iPhone X in your possession (that’s why the poll lacks an “I haven’t purchased an iPhone X yet” answer).

Cast your vote now.

Mind telling us a bit more about the iPhone X you bought?

Did they have the model you planned on preordering or did you have to settle with another color or storage capacity? What was your plan B anyway?

Meet us in comments!

  • I’m mad as hell.

    I so wanted to get a Silver one because finally Apple has at long last made a Silver iPhone with a black faceplate (I can’t stand a white faceplate on a phone; it’s too distracting, especially when watching video).

    Sadly, they didn’t have a 256GB Silver variant, only the space-constrained 64GB model). But given the supply situation and high demand, I couldn’t afford waiting for who knows how long before they had the 256GB Silver model so I went with Space Gray instead.

    It’s arriving tomorrow and it better look gorgeous!

    • Rowan09

      I went to Best Buy to see the X and they had the silver one. I thought it was more white, but it’s actaully a beautiful finish. I bought the space gray instead and won’t get it until the 17th.

    • czbird

      Is the silver one really silver after all? Seems like having white back and silver rim only according to ll the pics. I’ll see for myself in a few days. Pretty pissed off it’s advertised as silver.

      • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

        no its not silver.. is off white.. but the back camera being black sticks out like sore thumb.. so I went with the space grey instead.. lucky for real.. I got nov 13 to 20th on the preorder.. went to my local del monte apple store today and they had stock.. so got myself sweet baby 256 space freaking grey..

    • Jamessmooth

      I got mine today and it 100% looks gorgeous. I thought about the silver too but skipped it. Personally I think it’s the best looking space gray they’ve done. You won’t be disappointed!!

    • Ive decided to wait my order out. I could have gone to the Apple store on Friday to try and get one but I decided to just wait till the 25th~2nd for when mine ships. I also bought the 256GB Silver model.

    • Fanboy 

      I believe the only reason I’m not too fond of the Space Gray is because I had the jet black 7 Plus so it reminds of it a lot.

      I got the Silver 🙂 white back with black front looks sweet!

  • czbird

    About to get 64GB silver in 2 days as everything else was sold out. Wanted space gray. But what can you do if the largest retailer in your country gets only 200 pieces in total, and you have no chance of buying them as 80% is reserved to VIP’s and the rest is sold with a mandatory charity markup. Crazy world we live in.

    • Wee Ymm

      Where do you live? Sounds like Africa or the Middle East

      • czbird

        Central Europe. Apple obviously had different priorites with the first batch of X’s ☹️

      • Pavel Pacák

        Yes, he’s talking about Czech republic. Our biggest Apple Premium Reseller got 200 and to avoid people buying X just to sell it more expensive to someone else, they charged people extra 650 bucks that went to charity. So only really rich and desperate people were able to get it. That’s first time it happened. I got one from second biggest APR for regular price. They only had 70 phones.

  • nova12


  • Joël Villeneuve

    Got the one I was expecting! Space Gray 256 GB and it’s AMAZING! I already forgot the TouchId/HomeButton 🙂

    • M_Hawke

      How is it using Apple Pay?

      • I’d venture out to say it’s a little more seamless and automatic. The shit scans your face automatically before you can even blink so there’s it’s instaneous.

      • M_Hawke

        So is the process that you pull the phone out of your pocket, swipe the screen, double click a side button, then it scans your face?

      • No it scans your face as soon as you pull it out of your pocket without pressing any buttons.

      • M_Hawke

        And then what do you do for Apple Pay, just hold the phone next to the transponder?

      • Yep. You have to double tap the side button to invoke Apple Pay still. But it scans you right when you tap the button.

      • M_Hawke

        OK, thanks for putting up with my questions. I just couldn’t find a clear answer online and getting a real user’s answer is even better.

      • No problem!

  • PeaCat

    I didn’t buy one! I’m gonna wait until all the “golly gee-wizz” get the bugs worked out and become more commonplace. I’m only an early adopter in my mind. My Six Plus “S” is just fine for now. Hopefully it’ll come in rose gold one of these days.

  • triggerhappypunk

    With the silicon Apple case on it… I can’t remember what color I got. As soon as I took it out of the box, I peeled the back protector and put in the silicon Apple case without any human touch to the back of the phone. Then headed into the bathroom where I had the shower running steaming hot (to keep down any dust particles), peeled off the front protector and affixed a Zagg glass screen without any human touch of the front of the phone.

    Then I dropped it and it shattered to pieces. J/K.

  • dnice

    I got the space grey 256 GB but is anyone else having cellular connectivity issues? I keep noticing my reception bars are extremely low every since upgrading. Maybe just me ??‍♂️

  • Sailor_V90

    I’m still debating if I want to get the X or stay with my 7+

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      I have both and I fell in love with my iPhone X.

    • MrTarek

      stay with ur 7+ , get next years’ model

  • MaRz Franco

    Side note : quicker way to access multi-tasking. Swipe up any length (shorter the better) then swipe right. It opens super fast.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      thanks for the tip bro!

    • Silently Observing

      Super helpful tip. Thanks for sharing. That was driving me crazy till I tried your recommendation.

      • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

        try swiping from the lower left corner like a forward slash / .. its faster ! you don’t need to swipe right or left.. lol

    • diggitydang

      Thanks for the tip! Got one for killing an app quicker? That tap and hold, then hitting the red button is dreadful compared to a swipe away method!

    • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

      try swiping from the lower left corner like a forward slash / .. its faster !

  • Lit

    I have the 256GB space gray but im thinking about swapping for the 64GB. I just realized I only use like 20GB lol

  • Ghedo

    1189 euros 64 gb space gray????

  • Lewis Gale

    Hey Apple, any chance I can change the flashlight icon on lock screen to something else? Maybe another feature from control center? I never use flashlight and would rather have something useful there.

    • Wow for real? Im always using the flashlight 0.0 It’d be nice to swap it to a different app though. Like a game or something. Id love a shortcut to Pokemon Go xD

  • burge

    I changed from Space gray to silver 2 days after pre orders opened and I got the silver on launch day, Woohoo to happy I did. And in my opinion the silver looks so much better.

  • malthalus

    1189 euros 64 gb space gray????

  • Sai

    iPhone 5S 16GB

  • Silently Observing

    I went 64gb Soace Gray. No regrets. A little buggy at times, but the best iPhone to date for sure.

  • Omkar Nagnur

    Does the ‘3D’ touch multitasking still exists on the iPX? (Just curious, I don’t it doesn’t really need it)

  • Chris Wagers

    Wanted 256 space gray but all they had left was 256 silver. Silver it is. Love it!

    That was at 10:45 Nov 3

  • Diego

    None, I don’t have money to buy the iPhone X. 🙁