Back in August, we got our first glimpse of the absolutely delightful user interface sounds for HomePod, Apple’s $349 Siri-powered wireless speaker launching this December.

Two days ago, Brazilian iOS developer Guilherme Rambo unearthed some additional user interface sounds from the recently updated HomePod firmware that the smart speaker accessory will use to indicate various user interactions.

Listen to the newly discovered sounds now.

Here’s the full list of the sound files, in the order they’re played:

  • HomePodPasscode
  • HomePodReadyToSetup
  • HomePodSetupSource1
  • HomePodSetupSource2
  • HomePodSetupTarget

And now, take a listen at the HomePod tones that leaked in a previous firmware build.

Apple ahead of iPhone X launch introduced SiriKit for HomePod, a new framework in iOS 11.2 that will let the device process full Siri queries on a synchronized iPhone or iPad for things like Messages, Lists and Notes.

Are you planning on buying HomePod?

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  • TechnoBuff

    Trust Apple to have cute sounds for HomePod, which i do like.

    Siri is the only reason i will not be buying an Homepod. i have a Google home that works well. A shame Siri cant match up at all.

    • besrate hogsa

      google home rocks

      • TechnoBuff

        oh i agree with you all the way. Google Home leads the pack and can do more.
        I use Apple Music because i am highly invested into the Apple ecosystem but once Apple Music gets full connectivity with Google Home.. that will make my world.

      • Jake

        that’s the problem, i doubt apple will add support for third party speakers. it sucks

  • Liz May

    Man only a fool would bring google into their home. You might as well invite the CIA, NSA into your house.