Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo has managed to extract a cute new ringtone just for iPhone X from the iOS 11.1 code and share it on Twitter, with a Reddit user making a downloadable copy of the audio file that can be used as a ringtone on older iPhones.

The exclusive iPhone X ringtone is called “Reflection”.

For those of you who want to set it as your ringtone after downloading the audio file, we have a tutorial on how to add custom ringtones using only Garageband for iOS.

This is what it sounds like.

It sounds fresh, I love it a lot!

“Reflection” replaces the “Opening” ringtone that has been used as the default option on iPhones since iOS 7. The original iPhone’s ringtone, “Marimba” is still included in iOS.

To change ringtones on your iPhone, launch the Settings app and navigate to Sounds → Ringtone or Sounds & Haptics→ Ringtone.

If you have previously purchased ringtones from iTunes Store, you can redownload them to your iPhone by choosing Download All Purchased Tones at the top of the page.

iPhone X arrives this Friday, November 3.

So, how are you guys liking the “Reflection” ringtone so far? Speaking of which, what’s your favorite stock ringtone on iPhone? Let us know down below in the comment section.

  • pnh

    Sounds like I died and went to wind chimes hell.

    • nonchalont


  • SpideyRules

    Exclusive for about -3 days…

    • Blip dude

      Beat me to it

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    It’ll be a sad day if Apple ever removed Marimba as a ringtone choice from iOS.

    • big Rafa

      so far still is there… in the classic section… and even they remove it, you can easily ad it manually ..

  • Jay

    you love it until you hear everyone with it.

  • ciscog1234

    Download it where? To my computer or phone? Can seem to find it when I do it on my phone.

    • sorrento

      Downloaded it and in my phone but it was only the fun of it cause I always use personal cut music as ringtones.
      If you want it, I’ll send it to you but dunno how without putting my email pubic. Sigh

  • MeTaLiX

    you love it until you hear everyone with it.

  • Up Stream

    I don’t like it
    The notes go too high making it a bit annoying.
    I use the default ringtone but I don’t really use the phone that often