As we reported, Apple’s Calculator app on iOS 11 suffers from a lag when typing too quickly.

Thankfully, iOS 11.2 no longer blocks all input during the animation for the button fades. By squashing that annoying bug (a design oversight?), the Calculator app now lets you enter numbers and other symbols in rapid succession without any problems.

As we explained, the Calculator app in the current commercial version of iOS 11 fails to register any touch events before an animation for the button fades has finished playing.

Needless to say, this causes problems if you type too quickly.

This annoying issue has persisted throughout all iOS 11 betas during the testing period. Worse, it has somehow managed to remain unfixed in all of the stable builds of the software.

Have you noticed other changes in iOS 11.2 beta 1?

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  • Christopher

    I’ve never experienced this on my iPhone 7, running iOS 11.0.3.

    But what I have experienced is horrible lag in Notes. At times, it’s almost unusable.

  • Luka Petranović

    It was GLITCH WHERE IpHONE DID NOT RECOGNIZE 2ND PLUS BETWEEN 3 NUMBERS. So you typed 1+23 cause + between 2 and 3 wasn’t recognized. It was same with any three numbers

  • Benedict

    From my information, the animation in the fix was just disabled – not that inputs won’t get blocked during animation.
    Big difference…

    Means – while iPhone is playing transitions, it can’t recognize inputs. I suspect, all other processes are halted to guarantee smoothness of animation.