With iPhone X available to preorder, Apple on Friday announced service pricing for the device, ranging from $279 to replace a broken screen to as much as $549 for any other damage to the device not covered by the standard one-year limited warranty.

In the United Kingdom, customers will pay £286 for screen repairs and £556 for other out-of-warranty damage. In major European Union markets, the price of iPhone X screen repairs is set to €321 and a whopping €611 for other damage.

These screen repair prices apply if your iPhone X is not covered by the optional AppleCare+ warranty and the screen stops working or gets broken due to accidental damage or mishandling (accidental and cosmetic damage isn’t covered by the standard Apple warranty).

With these prices, the $199 AppleCare+ protection for iPhone X suddenly makes sense.

Extending your coverage for manufacturing defects or battery life issues to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone X, AppleCare+ includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage (water damage is counted under “accidental damage coverage”).

You can use an incident for screen repair or for other damage to your iPhone X.

While this is a big jump from the $149 price Apple charges for AppleCare+ for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (due to the iPhone X screen being more expensive), I think AppleCare+ for iPhone X is worth considering given the price of out-of-warranty repairs.

TIP: Check the warranty status of your devices with the Apple Support app

Each incident under the AppleCare+ protection plan incurs a service fee. As an example, if you have AppleCare+ coverage you’ll pay only $29 to have your iPhone X screen replaced (other damage is subject to a one-time $99 service fee), and that’s way easier to swallow than shelling out $279 for a new screen without AppleCare+.

Do you plan on buying AppleCare+ for your iPhone X?

  • David Pomerleau

    Shoot. I guess it makes sense to buy AppleCare now. I’ll miss the $129 screen repairs from Apple 🙁

    • Gabe

      Your sarcasm ability is strong.

  • Chetan

    It definitely makes sense now. But is it possible to buy AppleCare+ after you have already purchased your phone?

    • Yes, up to 60 days from purchase date of your iPhone X

      • Chetan

        Okay thats great! Thanks.

  • :D

    Third party insurance is usually cheaper and adds better coverage, e.g. for theft etc.

    • techfreak23

      It’s not cheaper if you take into account the cost of it overs two years (usually at $11/month for full coverage is $264) plus the substantially higher deductibles (usually starting at $199 for basic screen damage). Plus you don’t get a manufacturer refurbished model, and I’ve heard many horror stories of the replacement unit people get through the carriers (I used to be a Verizon rep). The ONLY pro over AppleCare is that it does cover loss or theft…

      • :D

        Oh okay, didn’t realise AC lasted 2 years. AC is £130 here in the UK (2 years) and iPhone insurance here can be about £100 per year depending on whom you go with.

  • triggerhappypunk

    I had to purchase it as I went with the Apple finance option. I’ve never had the coverage in the past as I have always paid the full price at launch, and have never had the need to use Apple Care for any of my iPhones over the last 10 years. I figure with the free financing, having Apple Care is not a bad deal. So instead of paying financing charges, I’m buying Apple Care.

    • Galaxy Life

      I have a friend at work that wants to buy the 8 directly from Apple instead of AT&T.

      Is it Barclays that Apple uses to finance phones?

      • techfreak23

        I think they switched to something else. But that’s not the only option if you’re getting the phone for AT&T from Apple. You can still do AT&T’s Next through Apple also. I always order my phone through Apple directly and I’m on the Next program. Last night, I fired up the Apple website and the AT&T site (I was curious what the difference in wait times was). I got in on the Apple site and placed my order within 7 minutes. I was immediately placed into a queue through AT&T with a 17 minute wait time…

      • Galaxy Life

        AT&T makes everyone wait. Besides paying $400/month for my service my biggest complaint is how they make you wait for everything–Android updates, Direct TV,

      • triggerhappypunk

        In the US it’s Citizens Bank.

      • Galaxy Life

        Thanks, I’ll pass that along to her.

  • Benedict

    I would get a superb new smartphone for 279$ ;D
    shameless price..

  • jjk454ss

    So without AppleCare a screen is $279, with its $228. Without AppleCare other damage is $549, with its $298. AppleCare covers 2 incidents though? If I’m only worried about the possibility of 1 screen replacement it’s still hardly worth it unless you just are sure your going to break at least 1 screen

  • Rowan09

    No surprise Samsung screens are expensive as hell.

  • Gabe

    So, I actually work for Apple, and I want to make it clear that I simply represent the best interpretation of their policies as I understand them, and nothing I say should be taken as 100% fact. We all make mistakes sometimes. Also, I’m not trying to sell for Apple. I am just trying to help the common user with their decision. With that said, here is my reasoning on why it’s important to get AppleCare+.

    The warranty is transferable. So, if you choose to sell your phone, you can also tack on a bit more, considering it’s coming with an extended agreement. See knowledge-base article HT202712 for more information on this.

    There is more of a chance the glass will break, with twice the surface area exposed. However, a big misconception is that the majority of damaged-phone calls are broken-glass driven. Not the case. It’s much more common–in my experience–to have liquid damage, and in this case, the entire phone is replaced, up to two times.

    Top-notch customer service. While you get this as standard until the device is deemed obsolete, the people I have spoken to who have Apple+, are always all very intelligent. They’re a joy to work with. They smartly invest in their purchase. Many times, I’ve been able to grant service exceptions that wouldn’t have applied to the standard factory promise. Apple certainly recognizes–and considers–your loyalty. You might have to hold for a few minutes if you need our help, but if you get me, you can know that I am going to do everything possible to remedy the situation and take care of you. This applies to most of us, we are there to help you because we enjoy helping people.

    Peace of mind. It feels good to know you are covered, if in fact you do happen to drop your iPhone and break the glass, or you do drop it in water, or, as I have seen before, forget that you put it on the roof of your car while you were getting your kids buckled in, and ultimately running it over with your car. Life happens. Human happens. It will be much less of a heartache to know that you paid for protection, and you can also tell your friends and family confidently that you’re covered very well when they ask why you don’t have a phone, because you thought something like this might happen. People call all. the. time. trying to get Applecare+ after the fact. I can’t help them, unless certain parameters are met.

    This is what makes it possible for Apple to make money from this type of added premium protection. The people that buy it, are very often inherently careful, so they don’t tend to have issues in the first place. The people that don’t buy it, end up paying full retail for a replacement, and are inherently clumsy. Apple wins either way. And I know you’re getting another iPhone, no matter how many times you say you’re switching to Android because you broke your own iPhone, and then hang up on me because you can’t talk me into giving you Applecare+ support when it wasn’t purchased for that device. Happens every day guys. Buy the plan, thank me later. Love you.