If you haven’t preordered an iPhone X early, within the first few minutes, chances are you’ll have to wait until December to receive your phone.

A quick check of Apple online stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and elsewhere reveals that iPhone X preorder shipping estimates have slipped now to 5-6 weeks.

In other words: if you preorder your iPhone X right now, you won’t get it before December—assuming no further delays. With rumors of iPhone X production woes and predictions of launch stock of only 2-3 million units, it’s not surprising shipping times are slipping.

According to KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may not have enough stock to meet demand until early 2018. Keep in mind that if you didn’t preorder your iPhone X yet, you can still stand in the line and get yours on the November 3 launch day, but—as Apple said—you’ll have to “arrive early”.

Apple revealed today that repairing your iPhone X may cost you $549 without AppleCare+.

Specifically, out-of-warranty screen repairs are priced at $279 while any other damage not covered by the standard one-year limited warranty incurs a hefty $549 service fee.

Have you preordered your iPhone X? If so, when will you receive it?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Andrew’s OwlCity

    This is my first time pre-ordering through Apple for in-store pick up, they charge your CC once they ship the phone to the store before November-3rd or when picking up the phone?

    Thank You

    • Vinnie Bones


  • pnh

    Grabbed a Silver 64GB when the online (app) Apple Store finally opened at 3:06 ET. Says 1-2 weeks, arriving Nov 10-17.

  • vbtwo31984

    Was refreshing the Apple site at 3am. Preordered 2 phones the minute it stopped showing “we’ll be back” – shipping in 2-3 weeks. For a second I saw launch day availability for pickup in a few Apple Stores here in NYC, but by the time I got to checkout – unavailable.

  • lavalampguy

    The Verizon store came online at 12:55a local time, got the 64gb white AND black ones arriving Nov 3! Happy 64th birthday Dad

  • Tried the apple site last night. Wasn’t able to get on the page until well after 3 AM. Apple store app didnt even work on my phone. Preordered one on my Mac got a 2-3 week ship time. There were in stores avail, but whenever I got to checkout it said it wasn’t. Went to work this morning, went on AT&T’s site and preordered from AT&T with launch day delivery fml lol. Silver 64GB though

  • Web Cam

    UK went on sale at 8am local time. I tried the o2 online store at 7:40 on the off chance and by 7:44 i had my confirmation for next week delivery

  • Eddie Hines

    I banged the Sprint online site so hard here in Atlanta, i ended up accidentally ordering TWO 64 GB silver Iphone X’s! The email i received said i will receive them 11-3! first tried to log on at 3am and the site was down and tried all the way until 4am EST when the orders were accepted.

    • czbird

      Just sell one of them. You’ll be in black numbers.