Some people who preordered their iPhone X early are now seeing their order’s status changed to “preparing for shipment/dispatch” ahead of November 3 launch.

Several users located in Europe noted in MacRumors’ forums that their order status has been changed recently to preparing for shipment or dispatch. When an order reaches that phase, it can no longer be changed or canceled.

No such order status changes were reported by US customers at post time.

Most products ordered through Apple’s online store ship directly from China. If you’ve received a notice saying your order is being prepared for dispatch, that doesn’t mean you were born under a lucky star and that the phone will arrive at your doorsteps earlier than expected.

iPhone X is officially arriving November 3, and that’s not changing.

The company prepares meticulously for an iPhone launch day—even if your iPhone X is leaving docks in China as we speak, it’ll be held up at the FedEx fulfillment center until November 3.

We’re expecting first iPhone X reviews to hit the web around Wednesday or Thursday next week. Apple usually lifts embargo on iPhone reviews 24-48 hours ahead of the official launch.

Due to time zone differences, customers in New Zealand and Australia will surely receive their iPhone X ahead of the rest of the world. Soon after the first orders arrive there, you’ll get your early unboxing videos from enthusiasts and an iPhone X teardown analysis from iFixit.

What’s the current status of your iPhone X order?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo top of post via Ryan Carter.

  • Casey H.

    Mine says “Preparing for Shipment” but still says November 3rd delivery.

  • Elmer

    Mine says “Preparing to Ship”. The delivery date has not changed, still November 3rd

    • Willie Barthelemy

      Which carrier are you with if you don’t mind

      • Elmer

        ATT, ordered through Apple store app

      • Willie Barthelemy

        Cool thanks

  • Silently Observing

    T-mobile variant via Apple Online Store still shows “Order in Progress” shipping still shows November 10-17 and was placed at 1:04am MST. Hoping that updates to 11/3… Even people ordering it by 12:02am PST are saying the T-mobile variant directly from Apple shows November 10-17…

    • ttluv2004

      Same here…
      Pre-ordered 12:03am, shipping 11/10-11/17. WTH…

      • Silently Observing

        Hurrah. Just changed. ;). “Delivers 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping”

      • ttluv2004

        Wow, mine just did too.
        Delivers 11/3. how was that happened?

      • Axl Feliciano

        yea mine said 1 to 2 weeks last night changed this morning to Delivers 03 Nov

    • kgelner

      I ordered the T-Mobile version, mine always said delivering Nov 3rd…

  • Scooter

    Nope, Apple botched my preorder, and I have to wait until the last week of November it seems.

  • TheShade247

    Mine shows your order is being processed, so what does that mean?

  • TheShade247
    • Gregory D Foster

      Is that for Sprint?

      • The Blank

        Says Verizon on the screenshot.

      • NeftyCorrea

        Mine was already shipped i got my with sprint ordered the phone at 10am i should be getting it on thursday

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      thats fake, its 5-6 weeks for all carriers

  • iChip

    Checked around 4pm EST and my status had changed to “Preparing to Ship” with the same Nov 3 ship date.

  • iChip
  • Mine now says “Order In Progress” with a ship date between November 10-17.

  • Lakers Fan

    Anyone know when the Sim Free version will be available? Stayed up till 2 AM and prepared things all week to find out I couldn’t order it. People say they had it available for the iPhone 8 pre order

    • Yujin

      Typically, Apple unlocks any phone that is bought at full price. If you buy through their upgrade program all of them come unlocked. But remember only if you do the above through Apple and not through a carrier.

  • Andrew

    Both of my AT&T variants are preparing for shipment!

  • Fer Fregar

    Order In Progress

  • kgelner

    Mine says “being prepared for shipment” now, I live in Denver.

  • Amit Cohen

    WOW! after reading this post I went to check my reservation and I got bumped from Nov 10-17 to… NOV 3rd!
    Thank you Apple!

    • leook

      Same happened to me !!!

    • Yujin

      Mine got moved up too. I think the 10-17 was just Apple being overly cautious with deliveries in case they could not meet them.

  • DD™

    Preparing for shipment here in Colorado.

  • Juan Genao

    Preparing for Shipment….

  • andy

    Mine says “being prepared for shipment” now, I live in Denver.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I’m in the US and mine is preparing for shipment

  • ic0dex

    I got 2 in store picks and in 100% sure I selected the 256 version. I go to check my reservation they changed my orders too 64Gb versions.

    • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

      Happened to me too, I bought 256gb space grey for pickup at local apple store on 11/3 but when I got the email confirmation it said 2 to 3 weeks.. I called apple to confirm that when I was placing the order I specifically chose the local apple store and not the delivery option but they couldn’t do anything about it .. now my delivery slot is nov 13 to 20th.. 😐

  • Gregory D Foster

    Nope. Mine says order in progress, shipping 11/3.

  • Mark

    Mine says order in progress for t-mobile shipping 11/2

  • apikrit

    Email from Apple said “We’ve got a problem with your payment” but nothing i can with Payment in Order Status page. What is it mean.

    • Satyam Panchal

      Dude beware maybe its fake call apple about this email

      • apikrit

        But email come with my iPhone X order number. Also Apple didn’t debit any cash from my bank account yet, is that normally. thanks for reply. 😀

  • Charles

    Mine says November 2-3

  • Blacklight: Retribution

    Order In Progress for me.

  • pnh

    My charge card was charged $999 by Apple less than an hour ago and my order was changed to “Preparing for Shipment”. I live in the U.S. My order originally said Nov 10-17 and magically changed yesterday to Nov 3.

    This is getting good!

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Ships on 17th. Socal 256gb gray.

  • F Sergio

    mine says preparing for shipment, italy. nov 3 ofc

  • Dylan Roy

    Preparing for shipment here in Colorado.

  • lewis

    Both of my AT&T variants are preparing for shipment!

  • Jose Rivera

    Looks like all the comments I’ve seen for Colorado give me a little hope about my iPhone X birthday present. My aunt ordered it for me the night it went on sale and I’ve seen others who live in Colorado like me also say Novermebr 3rd. This just gives me a lot of hope towards getting it before my birthday on Novermber 11th!

  • Ike

    Mine says preparing for shipment

  • nonchalont

    Now just patiently waiting a jailbreak for the X

  • Colin Weaver

    Mine says “being prepared for shipment” now, I live in Denver.

  • Raphael

    Nope, Apple botched my preorder, and I have to wait until the last week of November it seems.

    • Sashie Kool Hannibal

      Same here! So annoying.

  • Ven

    I ordered through AT&T site, says “preparing for shipment” for 11/3 delivery. does any one know if AT&T is accurate on delivery dates that it mentions on the orders?

  • Ven

    I ordered through AT&T site, says “preparing for shipment” for 11/3 delivery. does any one know if AT&T is accurate on delivery dates that it mentions on the orders?

  • Salim M Tadros

    I ordered mine through Verizon and to check an order status you can either use their official website, mobile app or just simply dialing *611 on your phone, and it said “Your order has been processed and will be delivered in approximately 2 business days.” Verizon also noted that the upgrade fee would not be charged to my account until the phone has been shipped, as of yesterday they withdrew the fee from my account stating that my phone has in fact been shipped.

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    For me its preparing for dispatch UAE

  • Sourabh Biswas

    Preparing for shipment in china as well

  • Sourabh Biswas

    i am looking forward for a faster shipment

  • I ordered mine a little before 3am EST when it was supposed to go live through Verizon and according to the shipment tracking number I was sent Friday night (and verified a few minutes ago) it claims it’ll be delivered tomorrow (Oct. 30) by 8pm. The status already says it’s made it here locally.

  • MaRz Franco

    Beware. UPS shows me Status: Exception meaning my 11/03 can be moved to later date. Check ur Status Guys!!!

  • Larry Morris

    Preparing for Shipment, Delivery date 11/3 (Maryland)

  • Brad Jensen

    “Preparing for Shipment” here. Ordered on the store app which is saying delivers on Nov 3. When I preordered the watch, if memory serves, it said preparing to ship up until the day before delivery when it changed to shipped even though the tracking number indicated it actually shipped a couple days before from China. Hope it’s the same. Missouri

  • Steven Harvey

    MyiPhone X is scheduled to be delivered to Sprint TODAY 11-2. I showed this to the store and they said if it comes today I’ll get it today.

  • Danna Smith Combs

    Ours were ordered on October 27th & it says Expected delivery is Dec 13th ?

  • besrate hogsa

    I will go to the apple store on Monday and pick one up
    Can’t wait until December 1
    This sucks