iPhone X became available to preorder today at 12:01am PT and Apple has now issued a statement to the media noting “off the charts” customer response to the handset.

Here’s Apple’s statement in full, via TechCrunch:

We are thrilled to be taking orders for iPhone X, the future of the smartphone.

We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts. We’re working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible.

We will keep accepting orders online and iPhone X will be available at Apple retail stores on Friday, November 3 starting at 8am, as well as from our carrier and retailer partners around the world.

The company does not break down iPhone sales by model and it no longer reports opening weekend iPhone sales. We’ll have a better idea of how well the new phone is performing when Apple’s September quarter earnings are reported on November 2.

Only a few days of preorders will be counted in the report.

Apple said earlier this week that it will have iPhone X for walk-in customers when the handset hits store shelves next Friday, but advised would-be buyers to “arrive early”.

After just a few minutes of preorders going live, shipments slipped into December.

iPhone X will be available from November 3 in stores in these countries:

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, UK, US and US Virgin Islands.

Have you preordered your iPhone X yet, and which model?

Let us know by posting a comment below.

  • besrate hogsa

    I am tempted to cancel my order
    Dec 5 – Dec 11 ??? Bad customer service

    • n0ahcruz3

      Lmfao me too, I couldn’t wait for 12:01am preorder, i was like nah i’ll do it tomorrow

    • askep3

      When did you order?

      • besrate hogsa

        Last Night between 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM central time

      • JulianZH

        Ordered at 3:10am eastern. Nov 14-24.

      • MMA Rules

        Did you have problems where the Apple Store app didn’t refresh, I kept killing from the multitasking and still didn’t refresh until it was 3:10 for me, I was watching some YouTubers streaming live the preorders and they were already ordering and I was like WTF is wrong with this app!

      • JulianZH

        I kept killing the app too and I got in at 3:10. But I setup the preapproved process earlier. So once I got in, I just have to hit 1 button and Touch ID and I’m all set.

      • MMA Rules

        Same but still got it to the 17th

      • kgelner

        On my iPhone the store app loaded almost right away, around 12:01 or so (CA time). On my iPad pro the app would not bring up the store for 25 minutes! Someone else I know had three different devices, all with store apps that didn’t come up for about 20min or more… The web store itself came about about 12:10, and carrier websites were also a pretty good place to buy, they didn’t sell out nearly so early.

      • kgelner

        I ordered in the first minute or so and got a Nov 3rd ship date. For the next 30 minutes or so, all models of phones across all carriers except for Sprint said “ships in 2-3 weeks” which is not December… you had to have ordered at least around 2:30am or later. What did you expect? Plus you can always go to the store Nov 3rd if you really want one badly – but get there at 4am or so..

  • Kevin

    Nov 3, Silver 256GB. Ordered through the AT&T store.

  • Sonu SIngh

    My brother and I both ordered the 256GB at 3:02 EST and got Nov 10 – Nov 17 date.

  • Ron Morgan

    Ordered through Verizon, I was surprised to see a shipping date of November 15th, I was expecting December at the earliest. Order placed October 27th at 12:10pm EST for the silver 64gb, shipping dates for the space grey slipped into December.

  • OtterWithKids

    “Have you preordered your iPhone X yet, and which model?”

    Nope. We finally paid off our iPhone 6’s* in June, and we’re more than happy with them.

    * apostrophe so as not to be confused with 6s

    • The Blank

      Good job. The phone hardly does anything worth upgrading from any of the latest iPhones.

      • OtterWithKids

        Agreed. I’m sure it’s a lot faster, and I really do like the 3D Touch on my work phone (an iPhone 6s), but it’s just not worth going back into debt over.

  • CuBoy531

    3x 64 GB iPhone X unlocked from T-mobile. 2x gray 1x silver. November 10 delivery date. Preordered 12:05AM using iPhone 7Plus Apple Store app.

  • PAULALLstar

    I got my expected ship date is November 3rd. I did order it literally at 12:01

  • harry

    iPhone X Silver 256GB. Nov 3 Pick up.
    Ordered through Apple with At&t Next upgrade

  • MMA Rules

    Nov 17th here

  • Jordan

    Mine is delivery nov 3 att next prog through apple store app and I struggled on WiFi to get the page to accept my order till like 2:12 central time – almost gave up, glad as hell I didn’t 😀

    • Jordan

      64gb space grey

  • The Blank

    “We’ll have a better idea of how well the new phone is performing when Apple’s September quarter earnings are reported on November 2.” this statement is incorrect. Apple’s 4th quarter ended first week of October. I look at financial reports all day. They are quite detailed when following U.S. GAAP. They need at least a month to prep those statements and give the analysts all the details and reasoning to make sound investment decisions as required by GAAP. You should see how iPhone sales are at the end of January.