Technology can be both a blessing and a curse, and trying to manage and sync all of your files and data between several devices is an endless hassle. iMazing 2 puts an end to the syncing headaches by letting you quickly and easily manage all of your iOS data between multiple devices, and it’s on sale for just $24.99.

Think of iMazing 2 as your go-to Swiss Army Knife for iPhone, iPad, and iPod management—an invaluable tool that lets you easily browse and manage your backups, extract and print your text messages, drag and drop songs, and much more without having to jailbreak your devices. It works with all app documents, data and media, and you can even export your pictures and videos without using iCloud or iTunes.

Get organized and simplify your data management process with iMazing 2—on sale for over 65% off at just $24.99. Plus, you can take an extra 15 percent off when you use the code SAVE15 at checkout.

  • Steve Harold

    I never remember it being that expensive…. oh well, it’s a really good tool I’ve used for a long time.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I’ll be getting this before the deal runs out. Also I agree with Steve Harold, I don’t recall this app being this pricey. Though it is a very handy tool that I’ll be using entirely the day Apple decides to force down the new iTunes sans app backup feature (and whatever else they decide to axe) down our throats.

  • David Cawthorne

    Imazing is useful when upgrading from one iOS to the next if when restoring from an iTunes backup goes wrong. This happened to a lot of people on Apple forums from iOS8 to 9 where they were left stuck on the Apple logo. The only way was to setup as new and loose everything.
    Imazing came to the rescue by editing certain iTunes backup files so a restore could be done.
    Their process was

    1) In iMazing, select Backups in the left sidebar
    2) Select your source backup, then ‘Export to iMazing File’: better safe
    than sorry! You’ll have a backup of your backup so that if editing it goes
    awry, you can revert to the original.
    3) Double click the backup to mount it, then select File System
    4) Navigate to SystemPreferences/SystemCongifuration, and delete all files
    5) Navigate to Root/Library/Preferences, and delete all files
    6) Close the backup, then restore it to your iOS 9 device.

  • David Davis

    Knocks the spots off iTunes… given its awesome reviews: MacWorld/Redditt/9to5 its a no-brainer not to purchase this amazing iOS software – which, if you haven’t updated to iTunes 12.7 (yet) buy /backup with iMazing first…. wish I had!

    Speaking of iOS / Mac software, I stumbled upon Waltr 2 (Softorino – Italy) through a MacWarez site! – being able to wifi sync (apps, videos, pdf’s, ibooks etc) seamlessly without iTunes between my Macs and iOS devices and the software uploads without direction…seriously is pure magic. Seriously, Its so good guts I wouldve 3 x the amount – current retail. Go check it out!