The CEO of Canada’s biggest wireless company told investors and shareholders on a conference call they’re seeing little demand for Apple’s iPhone 8, Reuters reported Thursday.

“What we’re seeing is sort of anemic appetite for iPhone 8,” Rogers Communications CEO Joe Natale said in an quarterly earnings conference call. The executive added that customers appear more interested in premium features in the upcoming iPhone X.

He went on to warn that the outlook for iPhone X “is not clear” at the moment due to the phone’s higher price and potential supply constraints.

“The iPhone X price point is about 75 percent higher than iPhone 7. So it’s a very expensive device,” he was quoted as saying. “Inventory is a question mark in terms of what we will get.”

An unnamed source told a Taiwanese publication this morning that Apple is planning to cut iPhone 8 production by nearly fifty percent in November and December in order to shift manufacturing capacity toward iPhone, which launches November 3.

Apple’s shares were down 2.4 percent amid concerns about prospects for iPhone 8 sales.

  • David Gow

    Until what I BELEIVE that face id is just as quick as Touch ID I will wait. How is is Apple Pay now? Just my thumb no clicking side button twice etc .. just my opinion I’ll get the eight plus maybe ? And I’m a loyal Rogers customer 13 years now all iPhones

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Not really sure what critics or Apple, for that matter, thought the play out of delayed and absentee superior products would have on the cyclic releases. Hype for the ‘x’ is the albatross around the 8/8plus’ neck. Ppl are so used to paying such high prices that the extra for the ‘x’ is insignificant. Another behind the 8 ball, poorly playing out launch. All needed to launch simultaneously, which everyone including Apple knew was an impossibility. FUMBLE… AGAIN

  • Galaxy Life

    The should have never made the 8, they would have been better off only making the X and for less $

    Or make 2 models of the X. The more expensive version with OLED and all the bells and whistles and a “standard” model with LED and fingerprint scanner on the back disguised as the logo.

    • Shinonuke

      They made two model X. The more expensive one have all the bells and whistles and a “standard” model, in which they named iPhone 8 instead of iPhone X cheap

      • Galaxy Life

        That’s not what I meant.

        They should both look alike and maybe a color or two that’s exclusive to the costlier model.

      • Shinonuke

        In that case, I totally agree